Viral: American Chef’s Perfect Roti Impresses Indians; Watch Video
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by Eitan Bernath

For an Indian food fanatic like me, nothing fills my heart with more pride than seeing the world go gaga over the cuisine. Remember the Spanish woman who tasted chicken tikka masala for the first time and loved it thoroughly? I think the majority of the world loves the burst of flavours, the diversity of delicacies and just about everything Indian cuisine has to offer. What makes us all happy and proud is when people from different countries and cultures try to actually cook our dishes. In a recent video floating on the internet, an American chef is seen making chapatis and it is just too good to miss. 

Eitan Bernath - an author, entertainer, TV personality and entrepreneur - is a young American chef known for his cooking videos. One can often find Eitan’s videos going viral on various social media platforms. And such was the case with a video of him making roti. And after watching the video, honestly, I was pretty ashamed of myself because being an Indian I even struggle with making a roti that's perfect.  

Right from kneading a soft dough or rolling out perfectly round and fluffy rotis, Eitan does it all with utter ease. So much so that it has shocked and impressed netizens beyond measure. He recently uploaded a video on his Instagram profile showing the process, where he starts the video by saying, "I spent years trying to perfect my Indian roti, let's give it a try..." and then he continues his preparation. Well, the results were beyond perfect! Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video:

He begins by kneading a perfect dough with a pinch of salt and water, as needed, and finishes with some oil. After the resting period, he divides the dough and flatten it before cooking it over the traditional Indian tawa. While kneading the dough he also shells out a few tips like mixing the aata with hands as roti is all about the touch and texture. In the end, one can see a soft and puffed up ‘phulka’! 

Netizens were spellbound with the perfect results of a roti, and his comments section is proof of that. It was filled with Indians who were exhilarated to see him knead, roll and cook the perfect chapati. "He's so excited about making roti! I hate making roti, it's never round," wrote one user. Other comments were, "Extra points for the 'T' pronunciations in roti" and "Hahahahah...good job Eitan. Not many Indians can roll Roti in perfect circles”. People also suggested how he can pair it with kebabs, add sugar on the hot ghee roti and roll it up to enjoy, or to have it with butter chicken or paneer. 

Indians were super happy with the efforts and the ultimate perfection as they sent lots of love through comments like "Really good I can approve this", "OMG!! You made such a tasty roti, keep it up. Love from India", "When it puffs- you did a good job.” 

What do you think about Eitan’s perfect roti? Let us know.