Vir Das Sparks 90s Nostalgia Food Debate With His Tweet

In the 90s, Indian food was not just about taste; it was a cultural experience. It represented the warmth of family, the vibrancy of street life, and the celebration of traditions. Wafers and a glass of Rasna meant birthdays, a pocket full of Melody chocolates meant you were a friend of the birthday kid, and a packet of Phantom Cigarettes made you the coolest one on the playground. 

If this is already making you nostalgic, then you’re sure to agree with comedian Vir Das’ recent Tweet where he celebrates all the ‘food trends’ that were characteristic of India in the 90’s.

“If you grew up in the 90s.” he says in the caption, “There are…Two soups: Sweet corn, Hot & Sour. Tomato soup is in a paper glass. Coffee is black, cold, or machine. Pizza, Maggi, Toast all use the same cheese. ALL Pasta is red. Two milks. Whole and dahi. Sugar free means no sugar, isn’t sweet.” 

These simple food memories struck a chord with readers and the comment section was abuzz with people sharing their own food memories and favourites from their childhood. “Oh tomato soup with the bread crumbs on a railway station. Maruti wafers on a birthday party or during a fast. Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam in that small container,” one user shared while another jokes, “and [when] veg manchurian was a gourmet dish.”

The comedian may today be better known for his political humour and sharp wit but it’s not the first time he’s shown his love for the simplicity of Indian food culture. He once confessed that the unlikely carry-on item he can’t travel without is his steel thaali. In his 2021 Instagram post he says, “Confession. I can’t eat without this thaali. Travels the world with me. Fits nicely in check in, easy wash instead of multiple dishes, works for desi food, works for sushi sashimi and soya, works for Italian meats and cheeses, pretty much all cuisines, helps with portion control, and great for standing at a party where pretentious people can’t balance bowls in fancy ass plates. Mostly, I don’t like my food mixing unless I plan the blend.” 

While these days it seems like everyone on the internet is nostalgic Das’ Tweet has unlocked a slew of happy memories in readers in a celebration where simple food was the key to unlocking happiness.