Vietnamese Food Blogger Tries Jalebi For the First Time; Video Goes Viral

Agree or not, food reaction videos are always fun to watch, especially when someone from a different country tastes our regular food and loves it. It’s for sure a moment of joy and pride for us. One such reaction video is making the rounds on the internet. A Vietnamese food blogger recently tried jalebis for the first time, and her first-bite reaction is going viral among Indian foodies.

Soy took to her Instagram handle and reviewed one of India’s most-loved desserts - jalebi. In the clip, she was seen tasting the jalebis - which she bought from Surati Farsan Mart, in California - for the first time in her life. Not surprisingly, the video has won the hearts of Indian foodies from around the world. 

While taking a bite of the jalebi, Soy says, “Very sweet a lot of the syrup taste. I like the texture. It kind of reminds me of deeper-fried funnel cake. Wow, look at all that syrup. It’s so pretty (sic).” The video was uploaded on her Instagram handle @foodwithsoy, with the caption, “Trying Jalebi for the first time! It’s known as the national sweet of India. It reminds me of a really well-done funnel cake dipped in saffron syrup. Have you had it before (sic).” 

So far, it has garnered around 200k views, more than 14k likes and hundreds of comments from netizens around the world. Jalebi aficionados have been going gaga over the blogger’s review. The comments section is filled with many gems - “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . I love Jalebi with my whole soul😭  (sic),” said a user, while another mentioned how she and her mother love the same dessert but differently, “❤️❤️❤️❤️I prefer my jelebi thin and as electric neon orange as possible😂😂 while my mom like traditional Bengali Jelepi that's thick, fluffier inside and yellow (sic)”.

Well, needless to say, Indian desserts have transcended boundaries and won many hearts across the world. We know the video must have tempted you to try the delicacy now. Do check out the delicious jalebi recipes that we have in store for you and let us know how you like them.