Biscuits are one of the most popular snacks that most of us love to devour when we are hungry or have it with our cup of tea. A major reason we love biscuits is because they come in so many different flavours and types. You must’ve definitely eaten biscuits with seeds or chocolate chips on its surface or stuffed inside. They could be sesame, cumin, nuts or dry fruits, and these crispy and crumbly biscuits are always a delight to have. No matter what they are made of, biscuits are always going to be a delight to relish. But before consuming a biscuit, we must make sure to check the quality and condition of the biscuit, if you don’t want to end up being like this woman, whose video has now gone viral on the internet. Why you may ask? Because, she accidentally ate biscuits covered in ants thinking they were some seeds! Yes, you read that right. 

In a video uploaded by Instagram user @brotherhq, we see a woman sitting and working at her desk. As she records the video, you can see her crying and pointing toward the biscuits covered in ants. "I thought they were seeds. I have already eaten two", she wrote as the caption for the video. Take a look at the full video here:


Ever since this video was shared, it has garnered 4.4 million views, 139K likes, and thousands of amusing comments. "It's just a little protein", one person wrote, while another person said, "I thought it was mouse poop at first, so at least it could've been worse." Someone also added, "She might as well do fear factor now." Someone also said, "Just a little razzle dazzle." 

Sharing an experience of their own, a user wrote, "Don't feel too bad once I ate so much French toast with maple syrup that ants managed to get into the bottle & didn't notice till it was cleanup time." Another user also added, "That happened to me at Burger King. I ordered a chocolate sundae, and it had gnats in it, but I had already taken several bites because I thought it was just chocolate pieces. I think the gnats came from the ice cream machine and got mixed in there." 

Has a similar incident happened to you? Let us know.