Video Of Cleaning Fridge With An Innovative DIY Spray Goes Viral
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

Besides being a rescuer and saviour in times of cravings and hunger, at post-midnight, the fridge is an extremely important element of the kitchen. Agree? Honestly, for some odd reason it is what I go to when I’m hungry as well as bored. Just opening it and scanning through it satisfies me. But everything aside, we store all our food, from fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, to cooked leftover food from our meal, in the fridge. A kitchen may not be fully functional without a refrigerator to preserve food for a long time. Thus, it needs to squeaky clean, inside out, doesn’t it? You don't want any kind of fungus or bacteria to develop besides your food.  

But cleaning the fridge can indeed be tricky! While there are certain stains that are too stubborn to go, there could also be a smell that wouldn’t go, even after cleaning the fridge. Well, a video that has been going viral has found a solution to this problem. Take a look:

In the video, shared by Instagram based blogger @mama_mila_au, we see the blogger make a mix of water, white vinegar and vanilla essence. This DIY spray as explained by the blogger is “powerful enough to cut through all the spills and stains” of the fridge. And if your concern is about the smell of the vinegar, fret not! The vanilla essence takes care of it, leaving your fridge absolutely clean and smelling wonderful too. You can easily make this natural spray in no time, and you don't even need to even spend on various chemical cleaning products to keep your fridge clean. What’s more? This spray can last up to three months, the blogger revealed in the caption of the video.  

The video has been going viral and has garnered more than 11m views and over 280k likes with thousands of comments. "I used this also in the car to spray my seats... Amazing" wrote one user while another said " Motivating me to clean my fridge! I did my washing machine and dishwasher so far. The fridge will be next.” A person also said "Timely help thanks a ton, I was thinking about how to deep clean my refrigerator after my vacation, sure gonna try this one." 

What do you think about this DIY cleaning spray? Will you try? Let us know.