Video Of Chef’s Genius Hack To Cut Vegetables Goes Viral
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @eatinghealthytoday

Cooking is an art, and mastering this craft requires not only knowledge but also tons of tips and tricks. As much as cooking is about ‘what’ ingredients to use, it is also about ‘how’ to use these ingredients. Haven’t we all spent hours in the kitchen for the pre-prep of a dish? Before we even start ‘cooking’ the dish, there’s a whole lot of cutting, chopping, grating and blending involved, and that is what the real task is. 

To start from the top, the first step is to cut all of our vegetables. And, if you feel like there’s nothing new to learn here, you are highly mistaken! From different cutting styles to tips on faster chopping, chefs and restaurant workers all over the world have certain guidelines that they follow to make those perfect dishes on your plate. For instance, a chef from Toronto, Canada keeps sharing his set of fair knowledge on Instagram through his profile @the_eugefood, and this time he talks about cutting hard vegetables like carrots.  

Originally posted by Eugene, this video has been shared by another Instagram page @eatinghealthytoday. The video has already garnered over 2.4 million views, more than 82k likes and hundreds of comments. Take a look at the video:

In the video, the chef can be seen teaching a cutting technique that can not only cut the carrot easily, but also protect your knife from going blunt. He explains how most people cut a carrot or any hard vegetable in one direction from upwards to downwards. This process is unsafe and makes a loud sound that can also affect the quality of the knife. Instead, he explains, that the trick is to not put pressure in just one direction, rather use the sharpened edge of the knife diagonally to slice into the vegetable in an easier way. This technique will save your knife, will not be harsh on your hands, and ensure clean slices of carrots every time you cut the vegetable. Isn’t that amazing? 

Haven’t we all been cutting the carrots wrong? Well, we are sure guilty. What do you think about this cutting technique? Let us know.