Video About Dad Packing Leftover Restaurant Food In Dabba Goes Viral
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @nayana_premnath

Food wastage is, perhaps, one of the biggest problems in today’s world. While there are many who order and serve excessively, we often see responsible citizens coming forward to reduce food waste. One way of doing this is by taking home leftover food that we order at restaurants. While the idea is to not let that food go to waste and instead eat it later, this solution often leads to another problem. The amount of plastic that goes into packing this food keeps on rising. Restaurants often use disposable utensils to pack the leftover food, which can also further impact the environment. Giving a simple solution to this issue, a blogger shared how her father found an easy way out of this problem.

Blogger Nayana Premnath took to Instagram recently to share a video of her father packing leftover food at a fancy restaurant in his own steel tiffin box. "How my dad took leftovers at a fancy restaurant," she wrote in the caption of the video. Take a look at the clip here: