Vicky Kaushal Relishes Pani Puri After Months
Image Credit: Vicky Kaushal/ Instagram

Vicky Kaushal is an actor known for his fitness. Being a true blue Punjabi, he indulges in his favourites but often has to give up on indulgences when he is following a strict diet and exercise routine to get into the shoes of a specific role. However, while shooting for his next film, his cravings took over and he chose to relish pani puri after months.

The actor is known for his roles in Sardar Udham, Sam Bahadur, Uri: The Surgical Strike, Dunki, and more. For many of his roles, he went under jaw-dropping transformations. Much like many actors, he had been on diets that refrained him from eating creamy, buttery, fried, sugary, and fat-loaded diets. 

Vicky Kaushal Eats Pani Puri

In the recent video that Vicky Kaushal shared on his Instagram, he announced to the world that he was indulging in a cheat meal. Much like most Indians, pani puri is a love affair for the actor as well. He was seen gulping down one after the other, and his expressions were note-worthy.

The actor wrote in the caption, “Cheat meal after months!!! Had to be pani puri… Ro dunga main aaj.. Love you @akshayarora3.” Akshay Arora, who is the founder of Neat Meals, shared Kaushal’s video on his Instagram stories and commented, “Fruits of your labour and discipline. A hardest working human being.”

Vicky Kaushal’s Diet

In an interview by GQ India, Akshay Arora revealed that Vicky Kaushal loves Punjabi food but some of the dishes can have ‘unacceptable consequences’. To help the actor achieve his fitness goals, Arora and his team designed a specific diet for him that included lamb burger, prawn ghee roast, and sushi. 

The actor’s diet is a perfect balance of protein, nutrients, fat, carbohydrates, and energy-rich ingredients. He consumes around 3500kcal every day of which 40-50% are carbohydrates, 30% is fat, and 25% is protein. Vicky Kaushal is also advised to have at least 2-4 servings of fruits every day.

Akshay Arora also shared that the actor tries to avoid meat on Tuesdays. Therefore, his cheat meal includes aloo paratha made by his mother. He also added that choosing the right carbohydrates is essential for the body and fitness goals. He also suggested that fat should be 25-30% of a person’s total calorie intake in a day. 

In the past, Vicky Kaushal has shared his other favourite food items that he loves to eat on days when he is cheating on his diet. The list includes jalebi, kachori, chole puri, momos, and more.