Vicky Kaushal Is Back With His Love For Coffee; Take A Look
Image Credit: Vicky Kaushal has proved again how he loves his cup of coffee. Image: Instagram @vickykaushal

Okay, we accept we aren’t getting over Vicky Kaushal anytime soon. And with so many posts and stories that he keeps on sharing on social media on a regular basis, it is definitely hard. The actor, who recently wrapped up a film shoot in Mussoorie, shared a beautiful video of the hills, summing up his stay in the most stunning way. Vicky is super active on social media and regularly shares snippets of his shenanigans with his fans and followers. And that is how we don’t know how big a foodie he is!

While staple desi snacks such as samosas and pakoras are his absolute favourite, the Punjabi actor also cannot resist parathas. But he sure knows how to balance his meals with healthy and tasty. Didn’t we tell you about his wholesome guilt-free binge of toast? Read more about it here.  

Besides everything, the actor is also a hardcore coffee lover who never misses a chance to reveal it to us. He recently dedicated a whole post to tell his fans and followers how he was on his fifth cup of coffee. Now, the Bollywood star is back with his hot cuppa, in a different way. As coffee lovers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to stay away from our favourite drink. It seems it is the same with Vicky. We've known that he loves to indulge in his share of caffeine every once in a while. In his latest post, the actor has shared a photo where we see him holding a cup of coffee. In the black and white image, we see a cup of chai, a cup of coffee, and actor and director Anand Tiwari. Take a look: 

He tagged actor Tripti Dimri on the cup of chai, and we could also spot some biscuits in the background. Vicky is an ardent foodie no doubt. But what's the drink that keeps him going throughout his busy day? It has to be coffee. Hence proved. But what is it about coffee that Vicky just can’t get enough? Excess of anything is bad but it seems like there are a couple of benefits of drinking coffee. And, we have listed some of the benefits of coffee for you: 

1. Drinking coffee can drastically boost metabolism.  

2. According to research, drinking coffee is also associated with a longer lifespan. 

3. Coffee is known to be a powerhouse of antioxidants that fight against the free radicals in the body, and keeps several diseases at bay. 

4. It instantly energises and makes us feel active throughout the day. 

5. Coffee is linked with lowering the risks of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. 

We are surely not complaining about Vicky’s coffee treat. And if you too are craving a piping hot cup of coffee, we’ve got a perfect recipe for filter coffee right here. Fan of cappuccino? Click here for an easy recipe.