Valentine's Day 2024: Desserts For 7 Days Of Valentine's Week
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Valentine's Week is a very special time of the year for couples around the world. Every year from seventh February to 14th February, couples celebrate different days during Valentine's Day, each of which is dedicated to a special occasion. The week starts on Rose Day, which is the first day of Valentine's week and concludes on Valentine's Day. 

In between, a lot of other important days like Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Ray, Hug Day and Kiss Day are also celebrated. Chocolates and special desserts are a very important part of this week. While a lot of people give chocolates to their loved ones on Chocolate Day, this year couples can go extra creative with desserts. 

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Here is a list of seven special desserts that one may gift to their loved ones on each day of the Valentine's Day week. These seven deserts are specifically for the seven days of Valentine's Day.

* Rose Day

Instead of giving a rose to your partner that gets dried up in a couple of days, give something delicious to eat. On the occasion of Rose Day, it is opportune to give a dessert that is inspired by the flavours of roses. The classic Rose Falooda is very famous in India. It is made with a combination of soft vermicelli, some rose syrup, basil seeds, and chilled milk. This can be made easily at home by using the combination of these ingredients and some extra scoops of vanilla ice cream as well as dry fruits. This makes it an extra scrumptious dessert that your partner is going to love on the occasion of Rose Day.

* Propose Day

The best thing to give your partner on the occasion of Proposal Day is a box of some tempting chocolates. This may be paired with a beautiful ring and made into a perfect proposal hamper to make one’s partner happy. Going for some crunchy dry fruits and caramel chocolate is a very good option. These chocolates can be made easily at home and are a good way to surprise one’s partner with their culinary skills. 

To prepare this chocolate, one must take some dark chocolate and melt it in the microwave. Now caramel must be prepared simultaneously by using some brown sugar and water. The chocolate mix must be assorted by using some chocolate molds and filling liquid dark chocolate, then pouring some caramel in the middle and then covering it again with some dark chocolate. On the top, one must sprinkle some dry fruits. Now these chocolates must be refrigerated and then packed into a beautiful box for gifting.

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* Teddy Day

A lot of people like to give their partners soft toys on the occasion of Teddy Day. But if one’s partner is not very fond of soft toys then a creative way of celebrating Teddy Day is to give them some teddy cookies. Chocolate teddy cookies are made from delicious chocolate chips and cinnamon powder. These can be purchased directly from the market or baked at home by using some simple ingredients. Making Teddy with the help of cookies is also quite easy. The face and the body of the teddy cookie can be assorted with the help of some cream cheese. These are soft, chewy and a little bit crunchy.

* Promise Day

Promise day as the name suggests is that day during Valentine's week, when couples promised to be with each other forever. Now to give extra weightage and substance to this promise, some red velvet muffins depicting the promise and the strength of the love of the couple is a great idea. Red velvet muffins are already symbolic of love and making them customised for Promise Day is a very cute present. 

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* Hug Day

Hug day is the fifth day of Valentine's week. On the occasion of Hug Day, it is perfect to give your partner a dessert that feels like an absolute warm hug. There are a lot of desserts that can be given on this occasion. One thing that instantly makes someone feel warm is a cup of hot chocolate with some delicious marshmallows. This day is the perfect occasion to take your partner out on a hot chocolate date. Another perfect dessert that can be gifted to a partner on this occasion is cinnamon rolls.

* Kiss Day

There is nothing better than gifting delicious chocolate kisses on the occasion of Kiss Day to one’s partner. Chocolate kisses are abundantly available in the market, especially on the occasion of Kiss Day. This can also be made easily at home by using chocolate and some other flavouring ingredients of choice. These chocolate kisses can be packed in a beautiful box and gifted to a loved one.

* Valentines Day

This is the final and the most important day of Valentine's Week. The special day calls for an even more special dessert. This is the perfect occasion to give your partner some delicious brownies or some tiramisu. Depending upon the choice and the taste palette of one's partner, the decision can be made. Different brownies consisting of various flavours can be assorted together to make beautiful packaging. This is a tempting gift that one's partner is going to remember throughout their life. 

These are some smart gifting ideas that can be considered for the occasion of Valentine's Week,