Delhi’s Chandrika Now Drives Her Business With A Ford Mustang
Image Credit: Instagram | chandrika.dixit

The bustling streets of Delhi are well-known for the aroma of spices and sizzling foods pervading the air. Chandrika Gera Dixit, famously known as the Vada Pav Girl, has carved out a niche with her delightful Mumbai-style vada pavs in the capital city of India. 

With her origin from Indore, Chandrika moved to Delhi and began selling these popular snacks from a humble cart. Her venture gained immense popularity after she claimed to offer the authentic taste of Mumbai’s vada pav, catching the attention of food enthusiasts and YouTubers who documented the long queues of eager patrons.

Recently, Chandrika has been stirring interest again with her latest social media antics. A video capturing her emerging from a Ford Mustang with a plate of vada pavs has gone viral, leaving her followers intrigued and curious about her next big move. Despite the controversies surrounding her use of luxury vehicles and business practices, Chandrika's fame has only escalated. Whether this leads to a brick-and-mortar Vada Pav Girl restaurant remains a tantalising question.

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Chandrika's journey has been anything but ordinary. After resigning from a stable job at Haldiram's, she plunged into the street food business. Her stand, located near Keshav Mahavidyalaya College in Delhi's Pritampura area, became an instant hit.


Despite facing criticism for alleged overpricing and challenges from local authorities and competitors, Chandrika persevered. The viral sensation not only survived the initial backlash but thrived, gaining national attention and a dedicated following.

Her recent social media posts frequently showcase her alongside luxury cars, a passion that she openly shares with her audience.

However, it remains unclear whether the Ford Mustang, priced at around 75 lakh rupees, is her own or merely a prop for her dramatic announcements. Chandrika's playful caption about selling vada pavs out of the Mustang adds to the mystery and excitement surrounding her brand.

Chandrika's story shows overcoming adversity and innovating. She's unfazed by accusations of operating without municipal permits and attacking competitors. Instead, she continues to dream big, hinting at more ambitious plans for her vada pav venture. As she boldly states, the journey of the Vada Pav Girl is far from over, and fans and foodies alike are eager to see what she has in store next.