Vada Pav For ₹250: Desi Twitterati Indulge In A Meme Spree

We have all been fans of Mumbai for its street food, haven't we? From the soft pavs served with the flavourful bhaji to the lip-smacking combo of pav and vada, die-hard foodies cannot get done with their Mumbai darshan without relishing the street food of the city. However, we would definitely agree with the fact that out of the entire assortment of street foods relished in Mumbai, vada pav is the most-loved. From starting the day with it to enjoying it as a light snack, a typical Mumbaikar surely loves vada pav to the core. But does this fondness mean that they would buy a vada pav for ₹250? Yes, you read the amount right. And if you are wondering where one gets a vada pav worth ₹250, you’ll know the answer soon. Read on..

We are all aware that flight food is more expensive than the food we get in the streets, aren’t we? But here’s the question - how costly is too costly? Well, desi Twitter users’ reply to this is a vada pav worth ₹250. A Twitter user named Pulkit Kochar took to his account and posted a picture of an airline food menu which has vada pavs worth ₹250 with the caption, “Mujhe kabhi ye flight mein khaate dekhlo to plane se hi neeche fek dena”. The tweet grabbed the attention of several other users in no time and people started sharing relatable memes along with their in-flight experiences. Take a look:

The tweet began a series of in-flight food experiences of people, which are too relatable to miss. Take a look at them:

“Almost 5 years ago I bought poha in flight for Rs. 200 just because I couldn't say no to the staff..”

“Bruh I had a chicken roll at the airport once for 260 bucks. Decided to boycott airport or airline food since that day"

“I book flight tickets only when the food is complimentary”

Will you have a vada pav for ₹250? Do let us know.