Uttarakhand Food: 8 Guide To 8 Staples Of Kumaoni Cuisine
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Uttarakhand is famously known as the land of gods in India. However, due to the diverse range of communities and tribes living in the state, it is also undeniably the land of food. Kumaoni people have been inhabiting the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand for centuries. These people have a beautiful culture of their own that has been preserved among the people of the community for generations. Other than the traditions and religious culture of the community, the food practices among the people have also been the same for decades. Here are some delicious Kumaoni dishes that you must try. If you ever happened to visit the Kumaon area of Uttarakhand.

* Kafuli 

Kafuli is a tempting mixture of leafy green vegetables, including fenugreek leaves and spinach that are abundantly available in the hills. These green vegetables are sprinkled with some local spices along with rice powder. This is a very healthy one-pot vegetable dish that is extremely famous among the local people and is also called the state food of Uttarakhand by many. It is a simple yet delectable dish that will make you experience the sublimity of the state of Uttarakhand.

* Bhang Ki Chutney 

Another popular condiment among the people of Uttarakhand, especially the Kumaoni people is Bhang ki Chutney. This is not a dish by itself but a very popular accompaniment to a lot of dishes. It is made from some hemp seeds, ginger, garlic and green chillies. It is often a part of the traditional Kumaoni Thali and due to its interesting and layered taste, it can be enjoyed with almost anything.

* Chainsoo

Kumaoni food is extremely nutritious and fibrous. It is also filled with proteins and chains is a true example of healthy Kumaoni cuisine. This is made by cooking roasted black gram dall that is tempered with a lot of regional spices and herbs. It is just simply boiled and mixed with vegetables and spices. The local people like to enjoy this simple lentil dish with some steamed rice.

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* Kandalee Ka Saag

Another delightful and yummy Green dish is Kandalee Ka Saag. This is made by using a locally grown vegetable called Bichhoo Ka Ghas which translates into scorpion grass. This green vegetable is blended finely with some onions and aromatic spices. It is cooked properly and then consumed with the local bread. It is a very hot and nourishing dish that you can enjoy during the winter season.

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* Aloo Ke Gutke

Aloo Ke Gutke can be considered as a fast food for the Kumaoni people. This is a culinary classic and can be consumed daily. Potatoes are fried and then tempered with a lot of red chilli, coriander leaves and some other local spices. You will find this simple snack in most of the tea stalls present in the Kumaoni area. This is served in a hot and crispy form.

* Kumaoni Dal Vada

Kumaoni Dal Vada is another fast food in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The Vada is made by a mixture of different lentils that are mixed with herbs, spices in some other vegetables. These lentils are first boiled so that they can be managed properly to form small balls. These are then fried in smouldering oil and served with some tea in the evening. These Kumaoni Dal Vadas are a perfect teatime snack.

* Jhangore Ki Kheer

This is a sweet delicacy from the Kumaoni cuisine of Uttarakhand. This is prepared with some barnyard millet, raisins, milk and Kewra. It is called a divine local delicacy as it is delicious and comforting to the soul. This is one dish that deserves a special place in your traditional Kumaoni Thali, and you must try this once in your life.

* Singori

Singori is also a sweet delicacy from the Kumaoni cuisine. It is extremely nutritious and a rich source of both protein and fibre. This is made with some Khoya and coconut. It is then wrapped in a cone made of Malu leaves that are uniquely found in the Kumaon region. It is loaded with a lot of regional nutritious ingredients and is also an appetising sweet dessert that you can eat without feeling guilty. 

All of these are some interesting and appetising dishes from the Kumaoni cuisine of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is filled with many such regional cuisines that have been preserved by the local communities and tribes living in the state for many years. If you ever happen to visit Uttarakhand then make sure that you try these delicious delicacies and savour the experience of age-old cooking traditions and dishes.