US Man Breaks Speed-Eating Guinness Record With Taco Bell Hot Sauce

Food challenges – especially those to do with speed-eating, is not an easy feat to achieve. Requiring immense physical endurance, many eaters have tried and failed in the past while attempting to break or set new benchmarks in the Guinness World Record. Reaching victory by eating an impressive amount of Taco Bell’s hot sauce, Chase Bradshaw – a man from Dallas, Texas took home the title for most hot sauce eaten in one minute. Eating 332.7 grams of hot sauce in all, the US-based citizen bagged the title earlier on the 8th of March this year.

A video, which shows Chase spooning hot sauce into his mouth from a plastic bowl has left netizens amazed at the manner in which he downed more than half of what was in the container with ease. While a few internet users seemed concerned for his well-being, others questioned the limitations that needed to be pushed in the course of setting these records. Some of them swore that they could not think of attempting something to this extent, while others claimed they could easily beat the new winner at his game.

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