Up For A Date? Here Are Some Benefits Of Eating Dates In Winter
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The medicinal properties of dates (khajoor) have long been recognised by all disciplines of medicine, including Ayurveda. According to sources, dates arrived in our country from Iraq even though they were originally utilised by the Egyptians to create wine. They are divided into three subcategories: soft, semi-dry, and dry, and there are more than 30 different variations available worldwide. Experts claim that the content of glucose, sucrose, and fructose is used to differentiate products. It is significant to note that all varieties are equally healthy for humans, and it is advised to consume large amounts of them in the winter to keep the body warm and guard against infections of all kinds. Dates are the most effective wintertime cold remedy. Simply bring water to a boil while adding a few dates, some black pepper, and cardamom powder. Before going to bed, boil the mixture and consume it. The next morning, witness the magic.

Full of nutrients

Dates are a great alternative to keep the body warm throughout the winter because they are a great source of fibre, iron, calcium, vitamins, and magnesium. It is advised to take it every morning with warm milk.

dates/ pixabay.com

It has been established that dates' high magnesium and potassium content is a blessing for controlling blood pressure. Health professionals advise people with blood pressure problems to consume 5–6 dates daily to control their blood pressure.

Heart health

Daily ingestion of dates during the winter months controls heart rate and lowers the risk of a heart attack. It is thought that dates' high fibre content lowers cholesterol and acts as a shield for the heart.


The dietary fibres in dates are well known for regulating digestion and preventing constipation. Dates include an insoluble fibre that gives stool volume and facilitates easy passage through the gut.

Energy booster

They contain a lot of natural carbohydrates, which provide you with immediate energy. It is advised to eat dates immediately following your workout to receive the most energy boost.