Unlimited Kadhi Chawal At ₹10 Is Doing Rounds On The Internet
Image Credit: Courtesy: thetallgirltouring/Instagram

You say ‘comfort food’, I hear ‘kadhi chawal’. That’s how much I love kadhi chawal. It is one of the very few food combinations that I can eat every day of my life without complaints. The humble dish has been winning the hearts of Indians for ages now. Apart from the taste, the quick and easy cooking process makes kadhi chawal something to relish at any time of the day. The delicious kadhi pakoda served with rice is easily one of the best combinations that Indian cuisine has. If there’s anything that can give you a clear insight into the love for kadhi pakoda, it is the variety of recipes exclusive to the different regions of India. From Gujarati kadhi to Maharashtrian kadhi, the dish has no end to its fanbase.

Indians’ love for kadhi chawal has escalated to such an extent that every nook and corner of most Indian cities has a kadhi chawal stall. An Instagram food blogger with the username @myfoodcrushh has brought one such street stall selling kadhi chawal at just ₹10 to the limelight. Take a look:

As we can see in this video, a lady is selling kadhi chawal for just ₹10 to the needy. The best part is that the servings are unlimited and the food is absolutely delicious. Not only that, but unlike most other street stalls, these vendors have maintained their hygiene throughout. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has gathered around 579k views, 31k likes and lots of comments. Apart from all the ‘heart eyes’ comments, several Instagram users have expressed their love and gratitude towards these ladies. Take a look at the comments: