Bahubali To Dara Singh: 4 Unique Indian Thalis That Are Worth Trying
Image Credit: Unique Indian Thalis

If you are a thali lover, you must not miss out on these Bahubali, Dara Singh, and Maharaja thali. But, are you also thinking about what kind of thali is this? Is there any such thali? Yes, from east to west and from north to south, you will find many such thalis. So, let us know more about them and understand why you must try them at least once.

Dara Singh Thali, Thane, Maharashtra 

Well, only a person with a good appetite would see the seriousness of Dara Singh Thali. It begins with a glass of jaljeera, three types of chaat, ten main dishes, two kinds of rice, pickles, various types of Indian bread and seven types of sweets are served on this thali. Being a heavyweight, the thali requires two staff members to carry it carefully. So let's pay tribute to the famous wrestler and actor Dara Singh while ordering this thali. 

Address: Mohan Koppikar Road, Kishore Hath Naka, Opposite Thane, Maharashtra.

Maharaja Bhog Thali, Mumbai

Maharaja means king of kings, and the bhog specializes in making around 900 dishes in a month, as their menu changes daily. Their special thali consists of papad, two types of chutney, pickle, salad, boiled, fried farsan, four different types of vegetables, two types of pulses, two types of curry along with bread, two kinds of rice, a sweet seasoning pan, and the accompanying herb-infused buttermilk. 

Address: Elmac House, 126, Tulsi Pipe Road, Railway Colony, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

Bahubali Thali, Pune

The restaurant owner wanted to make his food famous in the popularity of the superhit film Bahubali; that's why the thali is named Bahubali. House of Parathas on JM Road in Pune serves this thali with parathas, dum biryani, rice, lentils, vegetables, salads, pickles, sweets etc. They cook all the food in Punjabi spices, and their parathas are made of 5 types of flour.

Address: 1206, B-19, J.M. Road, Shivajinagar, Pune. 

Kesaria Thali, Bangalore

Their thali contains about 32 items, starting with the welcome drink and ending with a few different types of desserts and mouth fresheners. Here all the dishes will be served one after the other in small bowls on the thali. After all, it is not easy to eat so many dishes, so it's better to order the kesaria thali whenever you get some food company. 

Address: 55, Goenka Chambers, Jeevan Griha Colony, 19th Main, Phase 2, JP Nagar, Bangalore.