UK Couple Names Their Baby ‘Pakora’, The Internet Is In Splits

It is a significant event for every parent to name their child, and they often spend months coming up with one. Yet, sometimes, you come across names that make you wonder if any thought went into it. The internet had a good laugh over the weekend learning about a British couple who named their newborn daughter after India’s favourite tea-time snack. Yes, baby ‘Pakora’, became an instant internet sensation for her unique name.  

This is what happened - the couple happened to be frequent patrons at Captain’s Table restaurant in Ireland. Through their official handle, the restaurant announced the heartfelt news of how two of their most loyal customers became parents to a baby girl, and named her after one of the dishes they liked best. The dish, as you guessed, is Pakora.  

Pakora is basically an Indian fritter. This deep-fried dish is usually made with a runny gram flour batter, and some veggies like potato, brinjal, or cauliflower. Even chicken or fish can be dunked in the same batter and then deep-fried in hot oil for a chicken pakora. Basically, Pakora is one of the most versatile snacks of Indian cuisine and loved by millions, but rarely would you run into kids named pakora in the country.

The restaurant shared the photo of the newborn and wrote, “Now this is a first…welcome to the world Pakora! We can’t wait to meet you! xx” The restaurant has also inserted a bill on the left-hand side of the image that comprises dishes named chicken pakora burrito, a regular chicken pakora, and a chicken pakora melt. That’s a lot of Pakora for a single order won’t you think? Guess who placed the order. It was the father of the newborn baby, who also mentioned in the order notes, “My wife has just called our newborn daughter Pakora after her fav dish from The Captain’s Table, thought you’d like to know”. 


While the couple garnered a lot of love on the internet, netizens also couldn’t help but react to the unusual name in their own funny way. A user wrote, “These are my children Eggroll and Watermelon”, while another wrote, “This is my two teens - chicken and tikka”. “Me with little Sausage-Roll. Had to be double-barrelled because otherwise her first name would just be Sausage, and who would do that to a baby?”, added another user.