U-Boot: Have You Tried This Popular Beer Cocktail Yet?
Image Credit: Photo by Hana Mara from Pexels

Beer is one of the oldest and also among widely consumed drinks in the world. A bibulous person, however, would love to add a splash of beer into most cocktails. Or get their hands on a cocktail serving the same. So we thought, keeping this in mind, why not introduce you to another cocktail you could make with beer. U-boot is a beer cocktail that is quite popular in countries like Germany, America and Poland. This beer cocktail is made by dropping a bomb shot of vodka into a cocktail glass filled with beer. Since most beer cocktails are traditionally served in a pint glass or beer mug, this flashy cocktail is usually poured and stunningly served into a pint glass. While making this cocktail, when a shot of vodka is dropped into a filled glass, it gives a subtle resemblance of an anti-submarine weapon being hit/ dropped at its right target. This shot of vodka, when dropped in a glass, almost sinks to the very end, which is referred to as ‘Depth charge’ U-boot has been named after a German submarine that was notably used in times of war. It is a simple yet tasteful cocktail that demands one to combine just two ingredients. So find with us how to make it yourself!


  • 40ml beer
  • 20ml vodka

Steps in the making-

  • First, gently pour beer into the glass. 
  • Next is to take a shot glass filled with vodka and drop it into any cocktail glass ( preferably into a pint glass).
  • Once everything is mixed well, your drink will be ready to serve and relish! 
  • If you wish to add or replace any ingredient, do it according to your comfort and preference. Like tequila? Use it instead of vodka!

Don't wait; try it out and make it at home soon!