Fill Your Plate With 5 Types Of Vegetarian Kebabs
Image Credit: Vegetarian Kebabs For Party

Indian parties, get-togethers are incomplete without kebabs. Luscious and appetizing kebabs teamed up with spicy mint pudina chutney, sliced onion is more than tantalizing. So why should meat, chicken lovers have all the fun? It's time to explore these lip-smacking, finger-licking kebabs made up of veggies. Let us show you the most comprehensive versions of veggie skewers that you can prepare for your next party. Four kebabs that you will surely fall in love with.

Veg Shammi Kebab

Nothing tastes better than Veg Shammi kebabs. They are easy to prepare with healthy veggies and can be enjoyed on any occasion. Veg Shammi kebabs are best paired with tangy, creamy yogurt dip and apricot chutney.

Dahi Ke Kebab

Dahi kebabs served with spicy pudina chutney and sliced lemon squeezed onion, a perfect snack for every party. Dahi kebabs are made with hung curd, species, besan, and a host of chat masala.

Rajma Kebab

Crispy, peppery, and appetizing rajma kebabs are great snack to start your party. These kebabs are healthy, tasty, high in protein, and nutritional value. So go beyond ‘rajma chawal’ to taste this magnificent rajma kebabs.

Cheese Corn Kebab

If you’re an office-goer and don't have much time to prepare, then this snack is for you. They are ready with American corn kernels, cheese, potatoes, and spices in just 30 minutes. Must try these continental cheese corn kebabs at home.

Hara Bhara Kebab

These kebabs are made with healthy green veggies such as green peas, spinach, chilies and mashed with boiled/ raw grated potatoes. This is a staple starter for every occasion. If your kids don't eat green veggies, then it's the best snack to offer in the form of kebabs or cutlets. It's quick, easy, delicious, and full of iron, protein, and calcium (a good combination for kids).

Try these fantastic vegetarian kebabs and get compliments from your friends and family!