Types Of Rice Dishes You Must Try
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Rice is one of the most important parts of Indian cuisine. The best thing about rice is that it complements everything. Every flavor that you add to it is absorbed as if it was already present there. There are various types of rice that you can use for making different dishes, for example, basmati for biryani, thick grained rice for curd rice, and small grained for kheer. Carbonate present in rice is easy on the stomach and easily digestible. It's gluten-free and restores glycogen levels after exercise. Here are a few rice dishes that we think you should try.


Its origin is in Punjab. A slow-cooked milk dish in which semi-crushed rice is added. You can experiment with adding rose water or dry fruits of your choice post grinding. Served in a mud plate as it has a rich earthy flavor that can complement the caramelized sugar and milk in phirni.


It is a South Indian dish made of rice. Finely ground rice soaked in water to make a paste and is strained via a noodle strainer in the form of circles. Idiyappam is steamed and served with coconut milk. It tastes delicious and is good for health.


Podi is semi-ground rice mixed with ground coconut rolled in a banana leaf and steamed. It complements any curry or could be eaten as is. This famous dish from Kerala is easily digestible and gives a mild coconut flavor to all your meals. You can eat it as a dessert by adding sugar to it.

Puffed rice or murmura

Wanna have a plain light snack? Try rice puffs. You can mix it with those packed mixtures or make your spicy mixture with it. Also used in Indian sweet dishes, this is a better option compared to popcorns or chips.

Rice laddoos

To make rice laddoos, rice atta is roasted till a crisp texture is achieved and sugar is added to it. After rolling it into balls, serve and enjoy with your family.