Two Indian Pizzerias Make It To Asia's Top 50 Pizzerias In 2023

A slice of pizza can just set the mood right, no matter what the situation is. Be it cozy get-togethers or fancy date, this Italian delight makes its way everywhere and never fails us to amaze us with its versatility. Craze of pizzas in India could be seen from the availability of traditional wood-fired pizzas to some interesting fusions in every part of the country. And we, never get tired of visiting these pizza corners again and again. 

 And you know what? Two of these pizzerias have actually made the nation proud. Let us tell you that a list of top 50 pizzerias in Asia Pacific for 2023 was released, and it featured two Indian pizzerias. Gurugram based pizzeria Da Susy featured on the 44th spot in the list whereas 47th place was secured by Leo's Pizzeria with its outlets in Vasant Vihar, Amar Colony and soon in Ghitorni too. An Italy-based organization 50 Top Pizza shares the rankings of the best pizzerias across the globe. They released the region-specific guides for Italy, Europe, the USA and different regions.  

Video credits: Vincenzo's Plate/YouTube

On May 30th in Tokyo, a ceremony for the 50 Top Pizzas in Asia-Pacific was organized and there, the Indian representatives made our country super proud. It needs to be mentioned here that Gurugram based pizzeria Da Susy, which ranked 44th in the list, has an outlet in Crosspoint Mall in Gurugram. Eatery’s chef-owner Susanna Di Cosimo serves Neapolitan-style pizzas made with fresh raw materials. While expressing her gratitude for the same, Susanna Di Casimo said in an Instagram post, “I'm greatly thankful to my team which works hard and passionately at my side, day after day”. Susanna received three awards I.e., the best Pizzeria in India, the 44th Best Pizzeria in Asia and the “One To Watch”. 

                        Image credits: da.susy.pizzeria/Instagram

The 47th place was secured by Leo's Pizzeria, founded by Amol Kumar. It is a pizza chain that made its way to the hearts of pizza lovers across the city. In a statement released by Kumar, it was stated "Securing the 47th place in the 50 Top Pizzerias in Asia Pacific 2023 list is an incredible honour for Leo's Neapolitan Pizza”.  He added, “We are extremely proud of our team's hard work, dedication, and commitment to delivering exceptional Neapolitan Pizzas that delight our customers. This achievement is a testament to our relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and our unwavering passion for creating memorable dining experiences”.