Tweet By Football Player Wins Him 1,000 Free Pizzas, Here's What Happened Next
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

We have seen the internet changing the life of many people in the past few years. The power of social media, in fact, has done wonders for many. We have seen internet users garnering support for a number of causes and movements. Remember when the netizens, including many celebrities, poured in support from all across to help Baba Ka Dhaba? Well social media isn’t such a bad thing after all. But can you imagine a Twitter conversation resulting in free pizzas? Yes, that happened. 

When former football player Paddy Miller spotted his favourite Chicago Town pizza in a picture, he wrote to the brand showing his fandom for it. "This looks very much like a Chicago Town frozen pizza, only basing it on the fact I've had 53,912 of them," he wrote on Twitter. The official handle of Chicago Town took notice of this post by Miller, recognising him as one of their biggest fans. But this is when the real deal came, Chicago Town challenged Miller to get 20k likes on his tweet to win a year's supply of pizzas. Take a look at the posts:


The bet proved to be successful for Paddy Miller, as he managed to rake in about 28.6k likes and 1.4k retweets on his post. When the tweet went viral, Chicago Town agreed to deliver him a year's supply of free pizzas. But Twitterati was in doubt and even discussed how many pizzas would actually be delivered to Miller. Some even said that this was perhaps Chicago Town’s way of backing out of the deal. But the pizza brand did not disappoint did what was promised, and much more. It ended up promising 500 pizzas! "We were never going to back down. The fans wanted 365 pizzas... how about 500 instead," they asked on Twitter.

 However, once the deal came through, Paddy Miller refused to get even a single pizza delivered to his home. Instead, he volunteered to donate the entire quantity to a local food bank called Leeds Fans' Food Bank. The Leeds' United Supporters Trust confirmed the news and tweeted that they indeed got a delivery of not 500 but a whopping 1,000 frozen pizzas! Yes, you read that right.  

"Shout out to Paddy's hard work and everyone that got involved, we are so happy to be sharing the pizza love with local food banks in the Leeds community," wrote Chicago Town in their post. Take a look:&

Thinking about what Miller got in the end? Well, the selfless act of Paddy Miller led to The Leeds' United Supporters Trust giving the former footballer a signed shirt, two tickets to a game, and lifetime membership of their trust. "Selfless! We can't let that go unnoticed. We spoke to @LUFC & they would like to give you a signed shirt & 2 tickets to a game, we will chuck in a lifetime Trust membership," they wrote in their tweet. 

One viral tweet ended up getting 1,000 pizzas to feed the hungry and homeless. Isn’t that amazing?