TV Actor Dipika Kakar Ibrahim’s ‘Pizza Puff’ For Iftar Is Trending
Image Credit: Instagram @dipikakakarfanclub_official | TV Actor Dipika Kakar Ibrahim’s ‘Pizza Puff’ For Iftar Is Trending

And just like that the holy month of Ramadan is about to come to an end. Muslims around the world celebrated the ‘Last Friday’ of Ramzan on 29th May. Also called ‘Alvida Jumma’, this, as you may have guessed is the last Friday that falls in the month of Ramadan or Ramzan. The holy month of Ramadan kickstarted on 2nd April this year and would conclude with Eid Al-Fitr on 3rd May. In this pious month, many Muslims around the world observe special fasts called ‘Roza’. The Roza begins with sunrise, where everybody in the family consumes a considerably filling meal. After this meal, also known as Sehri, they have to fast for the entire day. No morsel of food or a drop of water is permissible during the Roza. After the evening prayer, people gather together for Iftar. Iftar is the meal that everyone eats after sunrise. And Iftar can comprise anything, from kebabs to biryani, to simple rice and curry. TV actress Dipika Kakar Ibrahim, who has starred in several hit TV shows such as ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ and reality show ‘Bigg Boss 12’ prepared Pizza Puff and bread pakoras for her Iftar. The actress who is also a popular YouTuber, gave us a sneak-peek into her kitchen and her special recipe.  

Dipika Kakar's Pizza Puff Recipe 

To make her pizza pocket or puff, she first chops up onions and capsicum in medium size, and sautes it in hot oil. Post that she adds peeled and grated carrots to the pan, and sautees it nicely with onion and capsicum. She lets the veggies cook on low flame for 4-5 minutes and stirs it occasionally. Then she adds crushed garlic to the mix and sautees it until the rawness disappears. Then she adds some black pepper. Further, she adds some pasta or pizza sauce and sautees everything nicely on high flame. After this, she chops up paneer in very small cubes and adds to the pan and mixes everything nicely using a wooden spatula. The she covers the pan with a lid. But she cautions, that you do not have to cover it and let it cook for very long, as you are not looking for soggy veggies here. Dipika says that a little bit of crunch helps elevate the dish, the only purpose is to let the paneer cook and take in all the flavours.

After she takes out the lid, she switches off the flame. And then she kneads a dough with maida, salt, peri peri masala, oil and water. The dough is supposed to be slightly softer. She then rests the dough for a few minutes. She then rolls out the dough and cuts them in squares, fills it with the stuffing and makes a pocket by sealing the edges. The pockets are then fried in oil.  

Dipika also prepared delicious bread pakora for her Iftar, you can watch her cooking a storm in kitchen here. Let us know if you would be trying her trending recipe soon.