Try These Tri-Colour Overnight Soaked Oats as I-Day Breakfast
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Tri-colour mithai has been a popular fad since the early 19th century. Several references to the history of the Indian freedom struggle suggest that this variant gained momentum during the Quit India Movement. They proved their mettle as one of the most successful ways to unite the country. Recreating that spirit of nationalism, let's begin our day on 15 August with three recipes of tri-colour overnight soaked oats. These are perfect as a healthy breakfast for this big day. 

For The Saffron Colour: Mango Puree Oatmeal Love

Image Courtesy: ticklingpalates by Radhika Subramanian


    2 tbsp rolled oats

    1 tablespoon chia seeds

    1 cup almond milk

    1/2 cup freshly made mango puree

    1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

    3 tablespoon small cubes of fresh mango


1.  In a big bowl, pour the almond milk and chia seeds. Mix them well .

2.  Let them settle for 10 mins.

3. Now, blend in the mango puree and cinnamon powder. 

4. Give them a thorough whisk.

5. If required, add some more milk or water.

6. Introduce the rolled oats into the mixture.

7. Take a glass jar or serving bowl and transfer the mixture into it.

8. Add the mango cubes as topping and leave the jar in the refrigerator overnight.

9. Relish the chilled treat in the morning.

For White Colour: Creamy Coconut Overnight Soaked Oats

Creamy Overnight Soaked Oats


    1 cup rolled oats

    1 cup fresh coconut milk

    1 tbsp soaked and peeled almond powder

    1 ripe banana

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    2 tablespoon organic honey

    2 tsp chopped cashew

    2 tablespoon coconut shavings


1.  Puree the banana in a blender with 1 tbsp of water

2.  In a mixing bowl, pour the rolled oats and almond powder. 

3.  Slowly blend in the coconut milk and banana puree. 

4. Give a thorough stir, ensuring there are no lumps.

5. Add the vanilla extract. If the consistency feels too thick, add some water.

6. Combine the chopped cashew nuts and honey (as per taste).

7. Transfer into a serving bowl and refrigerate overnight.

8. Take it out in the morning and garnish it with coconut slices.

9. Dig in.

For Green Colour: Oats With The Power Of Spinach

Overnight Soaked Oats With Spinach


    1 cup of fresh blanched spinach 

    2 tbsp rolled oats

    1 kiwi (optional)

    1 ripe banana

   1 cup almond milk

   1 tbsp chia seeds 

   2 tsp honey or date syrup

   1/2 finely chopped kiwi

   6 cup water

   2 cup ice cubes


1.  Wash the spinach thoroughly.

2. Put 3 cups of water to boil in a saucepan.

3. Add the spinach leaves into the boiling water and let it cook for a couple of minutes.

4.  In another bowl, pour 3 cups water and 2 cups ice cubes.

5. Take out the spinach leaves and immediately put int the chilled water bowl. Let them settle for a minute. Drain the water.

6. Transfer the blanched spinach, kiwi (peeled and chopped), banana, chia seeds, and almond milk in a blender. Blend until it turns into a smooth mixture.

7. In a serving bowl, pour the rolled oats. Add the spinach and fruit mixture and stir well. 

8.  Store the bowl in refrigerator overnight. 

9. Take it out in the morning, add honey and stir it well. 

10. Before serving, add the chopped kiwi and enjoy. 

So now you have as many as three healthy recipes of overnight soaked oats. Which one are you making?