Try These Superfoods That Soha Ali Khans Swears By Every Morning
Image Credit: Soha Ali eating almonds/ Pic-

Those who know Soha Ali Khan will know that she is a fitness freak. She loves to exercise and her Instagram is full of her exercise videos. She follows some real intense fitness regime. Either driving her midweek blues or simply chilling during weekends, her way is always the fitness way. For Soha it’s always “No excuses,”. Even in one of her video her sister Saba Ali Khan Pataudi commented, “Super impressive.” Aint we all. 

Last year she even mentioned that “I have taken my core for granted my whole life, until now. After a baby and 4 decades under my belt I finally felt the need to strengthen my mid-section - it’s not just about having a flat tummy - it’s about balance, stability and allowing your body to function to its best ability (sic)."

Talking about her eating regime she mentioned that although coffee is best accompanied by butter and jam toast along with few scrambled eggs as that makes for the most classic breakfast combinations and delicious, but one should also enjoy few superfoods and it’s best to have them in an  empty stomach.”

Warm water and honey – 

It’s no unknown fact that Warm water and honey is great for weight loss, and also helps the skin becomes clean and clear. Having this mixture of honey and warm gives best results if you have as you wake up in the morning on empty stomach. Soha has revealed sometime back that every morning without fail she drinks a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and half a lemon. Her mother too used to have this combination as it is known to improve digestion and immunity. Since this has very few calories, hence it is one of her favourites.

Chia seeds – 

These tiny seeds are known to be great source of antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids and Soha adds they are an overdose of several nutrients. She likes eating them when they have been soaked overnight. As Chia seeds expand in your stomach, they also keep you fuller for longer

Watermelon – 

It’s summer and the market with this fruit. Soha believes that fruits are a good options for breakfast. She loves watermelons as they are great for hydration for the body. Watermelons also help to curb sugar cravings and is also low on calories.

Almonds – 

Soha Ali eating almonds/ Pic-


Who doesn’t know that almonds are great for body. Adding about she even wrote on Instagram “When it comes to skincare, I keep it simple. Follow these tips from eating a handful of almonds daily to drinking warm water first thing in the morning! This is all your skin needs! Trust me

Without fail,  she gives almonds to everyone in my family before breakfast since almonds are a healthy source of energy which in return keeps everyone active. 

Papaya – 

Papaya is known contain high levels of antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Soha too aggress that she eats papaya as this fruit is a rich source of fibre. She makes sure that there is a gap of 45 minutes between papaya intake and breakfast.