Try These Breakfast Places In South Goa
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Breakfast is almost everyone's favourite meal of the day. It is an important meal that helps in maintaining the metabolism rate and fuels the body for the busy race of the day. Kickstarting the day with a fresh glass of juice and your favourite dish is the best way of rushing through the day. What's better than having breakfast in Goa? Sipping your favourite beverage with some pies and sandwiches is a great way to start your day in Goa. It is popular for its fresh fruit juices and mocktails, and above all, its cuisine. The cool breeze in the morning, sunny beaches and pleasant sounds of the sea are all you need for a relaxing vacation.


Here are some places in South Goa that provide the best breakfast experience around town

Mon Petit Frere

This cafe is located at Colva beach. It's a small place with a few tables and palm trees surrounding it. This is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and some eggs and sandwiches in the morning. Their Big Breakfast Platter is without a doubt the best you'll discover in South Goa. Two eggs (fried or scrambled), Goan chorizo, Bacon, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms are served with toast. The pancakes are some of the fluffiest you'll ever taste! They are exquisite when served with a choice of lemon curd, honey, chocolate sauce, or cream. You can order a choice of cold brews, pour overs, and affogatos, all of which are made with painstaking care. When in Colva, you must pay a visit to this location.

Price for two- 500


This cafe is located at the Benaulim beach. This cafe serves a big English Breakfast with eggs to order, sausages/bacon, baked beans, hash browns, toast, coffee, and juice. If you're not quite as hungry, the Lite Breakfast is available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Try the pancakes and waffles if you're feeling something sweet, but we recommend going savoury with the waffles and tasting the version with crumb-fried chicken strips and honey.

Price for two- 500

Cafe Inn

This restaurant is located near Palolem beach. The taste of perfectly cooked egg sandwiches, egg salads, and scrambled eggs are unrivalled. Take a stop at Cafe Inn and savour delicious banana pancakes, waffles, and ice cream. If you're bringing your kids, this restaurant has a special menu for them. This location's fantastic service is a huge benefit. Prices are appealing from the perspective of the guests. The stunning decor and inviting ambience make guests feel at ease.

Price for two- 800


This cute little cafe is located at the Majorda beach. This restaurant offers a unique a la carte breakfast menu with a fixed price that is available all day! They have fruitologists and cereologists on hand to select personalised fruits and cereals for you, as well as an extensive menu of healthful delicacies like egg white omelettes. Try their Shakshuka, a Middle Eastern egg speciality, or their wonderful Breakfast Steak.

Price for two- 1800

Blue planet cafe

This classy restaurant at Agonda beach will provide you with all the surreal morning vibes that you need. The picturesque open-air setting in lush green trees and surrounded by hills is a visual pleasure, while the meal will tantalise your taste senses. Another reason that attracts tourists to this café is that it has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, ensuring that you can stick to your healthy eating objectives even while on vacation! Try their flax seed noodles with vegetables and feta cheese toast, followed by a fantastic vegan Peanut Chocolate Banana smoothie!

Price for two- 2000

The Mill

This cosy little cafe at the Palolem beach serves delicious vegan delicacies. The Mill, a hidden gem tucked away in a nook of Southern Goa, offers a distinct yet delicious fusion dining experience with superb vegan delicacies preparation. Drop by and see for yourself if you're feeling adventurous and want to break the monotony of your mealtime routine. Their chai and coffee with delicious pancakes are the best and basic options to kickstart your day.

Price for two- 350