Try These 7 Sweet Treats With Candied Fruits

Desserts can turn any occasion into a party, especially when candied fruits are the star of the show, adding a whole new level of sweetness. With their dazzling appearance and intense flavours, candied fruits add a special and lively element to different sweet treats. Let's explore the enchanting world of desserts that come alive with the inclusion of candied fruits. 

Candied fruits, also referred to as crystallised fruits, are fruit pieces preserved in sugar, which gives them an enjoyable combination of natural sweetness and chewy texture. This procedure not only prolongs the shelf life of fruits but also enhances their flavours, making them perfect for desserts. Whether you're giving a classic recipe a new spin or trying out creative dishes, adding candied fruits brings in vibrant colours, intricate flavours, and a touch of sweetness. 


Adding candied fruits gives the classic fruitcake a contemporary spin. Candied fruits' vivid colours and overwhelming sweetness harmonise with the cake's thick, dense texture, resulting in a perfectly balanced flavour profile. A slice of candied fruit-laden fruitcake, whether eaten solo or with a hot beverage, is a comforting treat that brings back delight and nostalgia. 

Candied Fruit Tart 

Adding candied fruits to a simple tart will elevate it to a beautiful and delicious beauty. With or without custard or chocolate, the tart's colourful array of candied fruits makes it look nice and gives you a sweet taste with every bite. Toffee fruit tarts are a lovely treat for the senses that are great for special events or afternoon tea parties. 

Citrus Sorbet with Candied Peel 

Enjoy a cool glass of citrus sorbet garnished with candied peel to beat the heat. This dish is a great palette cleanser thanks to the combination of candied peel's sugary sweetness with the zingy acidity of citrus fruits. Citrus sorbet with candied peel is a beautiful dessert or palate cleanser to enjoy between courses or as a glasses garnish. 

Candied Fruit Pavlova 

The addition of candied fruits makes the already light and airy pavlova much more enticing. The crunchy meringue outside contrasts beautifully with the fluffy, pillowy inside, and the candied fruits bring unexpected bursts of sweetness and texture. Pavlova is transformed into a visually stunning and mouthwatering dessert with the addition of whipped cream and a generous sprinkle of candied fruits. 

Candied Fruit Scones 

Enjoy a light and sugary treat to start your day: fluffy scones adorned with candied fruits. A decadent and reassuring breakfast delight, the scones' gentle sweetness harmonises with the candied fruits' powerful flavour. Candied fruit scones are a wonderful breakfast treat, especially when served warm from the oven with clotted cream and fruit preserves. 

Candied Fruit Parfait  

Make a delectable candied fruit parfait and layer it for layers of deliciousness. For a dessert that is visually beautiful and delicious, alternate layers of whipped cream or yoghurt with bits of candied fruit and crunchy granola. A beautiful dessert served in a glass or jar, candied fruit parfait can be both a light and refreshing snack or a decadent feast. 

Chocolate-Dipped Candied Fruits 

Decadent chocolate-dipped candied fruits are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet craving since they have the powerful flavour of candied fruits and the rich richness of chocolate. Delightful and satisfying, candied fruits covered in chocolate—whether it's dark, milk, or white—are hard to resist. Enjoy the decadent pleasure of chocolate-dipped candied fruits—the ideal present or reward for yourself.