It's time to raise the toast! To become a wine drinker, you don't need to understand all of the technical jargon or the various sorts of wine. All you need is a healthy dose of curiosity and an eagerness to try new things. We've put together a selection of wines for beginners to taste so you may feel more at ease as you learn more about wine. 

1. Italian Pinot Grigio - On a hot summer day, this bright white wine is as pleasant as a nice glass of lemonade. Pinot Grigio, also known as Pinot Gris is a dry white wine with notes of lemons, limes, green apples, and honeysuckle that is the second most popular white wine in America. This is one of the excellent ones, however discovering them can be challenging.  

Suggestion - Pasqua Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 

Alcohol content - 12.5% 

Image credit: Pexels

2. Indian Viognier Viognier is a Northern Rhone grape that is also the only grape in the Condrieu appellation. When a tiny amount of 1-5 percent is blended with Shiraz, a dark-skinned grape variety grown all over the world and mostly used to make red wine, it lends a distinct dimension to the flavours, a practise that a few Shiraz producers in India are also following. The aroma of the 100% Viognier wine is extremely strong, with apricots and peaches coming through. Tropical fruits dominate the palate of this medium-to-full-bodied wine, which flows smoothly down the throat and leaves a pleasant mid-palate and aftertaste. 

Suggestion: Grover Zampa Art Collection Viognier 

Alcohol content: 14 Percent by Volume 

3. Spanish RoseFresh, fruity, and light, it is especially satisfying to drink in the warmer months, as well as great with food at celebrations. The pink color makes it a playful drink. There are so many reasons why we love roses! 

Suggestion: Condesa de Leganza, Rose Selection de Camilla 

Alcohol content – 13% 

Image credit: Pexels


4. French Beaujolais VillagesThe Gamay grape (a grape variety that is most famous for producing the light, fruit-driven red wines of Beaujolais) is used heavily in the production of this fruity, light-bodied wine. They have red fruit and spicy characteristics.  Because of the addition of sugar to give the grapes body and warmth, Beaujolais can have a high alcohol content. The alcohol levels in these wines are not easily noticeable due to their light, fruity, and fresh nature, so be mindful. These are excellent summer wines, and they're also delicious with stews and soups during the winter.   

Suggestion: Albert Bichot Beaujolais Villages - 

Alcohol content – 12.5 %   

5. Argentinian MalbecThe inky, medium-bodied, dry red wine from Argentina is extremely popular. It has intense aromas and flavors of black fruits on the nose and mouth. The tannins in this wine are softer than those in the French version. 

Suggestion: Zuccardi Serie A Malbac 

Alcohol content – 12.5 %   


Consumption of wine is a sensorial experience that each drinker would value differently. The best approach to learn about wine is to try a variety of wines and build your own palate. If you succeed, you'll understand why people have enjoyed popping the cork on a bottle of wine for decades.