Try These 4 Lip-Smacking North-Indian Chicken Curries For Dinner Tonight
Image Credit: Pixabay, Drool over these hot, fiery and flavourful chicken curries.

While they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we feel that dinner is equally important too. After all the back and forth the entire day, one wants to relax and enjoy the night. Food is an important factor in making or breaking the mood. If you know that there is something delicious being prepared at home for dinner, you automatically feel energized and happy the entire day. Moreover, after a hearty meal at night, is there any doubt how your sleep would be? Peaceful and happy too. 

Usually, the dinner fare at my place comprises of a dry subzi along with a dal and some salad. However, on days when there is some special occasion, I usually start feeling hungry way before dinner time. And that generally happens when I know that my mother is cooking chicken. The Indian land is often associated with curries around the world. Well, why shouldn’t it when it is actually our speciality. Any vegetable or meat once cooked in a gravy, attains a distinct flavour and aroma. That’s the charm of curries. 

For all the meat lovers in the house, if you’re looking for some delicious recipes for dinner tonight, let us help you. Here are some North Indian chicken curries that you can cook up this weekend and bring a smile on your loved one’s faces. 

1.  Chicken Do Pyaza 

The light-coloured curry and chicken might make you feel that it won’t have a plethora of flavours but one bite in and you’ll know what we are talking about. There will be an explosion of sweet and sour flavours with this onion-loaded, yoghurt-based chicken curry. 

2.  Kolhapuri Chicken Curry 

The hot and fiery Kolhapuri cuisine is replete with gravy and dry dishes. This chicken curry is undoubtedly high on heat and the gravy has a medium-thick consistency. 

3.  Murg Raseedaar 

This is a special Rajasthani chicken dish which is lesser-known. While laal maas is a popular mutton gravy from Rajasthan, this chicken curry is equally loaded with flavour and spices. 

4.  Kashmiri Chicken Curry 

This flavourful and colourful chicken curry is a specialty of the Kashmiri cuisine which is well-known for its rich and rustic fare. Their love for meat is no stranger to us and this chicken curry carves a niche for itself due to the use of green apples in the cooking method.