You must have heard of Ferrero Rocher chocolate. But do you know that something like Ferrero Rocher Nutella milkshake also exists? Yes, you heard that right. It is one of the most popular beverages these days. If you want to taste it without wasting all your pocket money, we are here for your rescue.  This lavish milkshake is enough to satiate you instantly. Whether you need to get energized after a long day of shopping or meeting your friends, this is the best beverage you can have. However, if you want to make it at home, we have its recipe. Read on.

Ingredients :

200 ml whole milk

100 ml fresh cream/vanilla ice cream

8 spoons full of Nutella

3 crushed Ferrero Rocher (hazelnut one)

1 teaspoon full hazelnut powder

Half vanilla seed of a vanilla bean (or vanilla essence if you don't have seed)

1 tsp sugar/ light flavour honey

For toppings- Fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings, one Ferrero Rocher, two chocolate sticks, light flavoured honey, Nutella, rainbow sprinkles.


First, you have to add vanilla ice cream, add 3 crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates, hazelnut powder, Nutella, vanilla seed, sugar/honey, and blend them well.

After that, add whole milk. Give it a little blend.

For serving, use a cold jar/glass and take out the ice before using it for the shake.

Put a Nutella layer at the bottom of the jar/glass. Put a perfect covering over the rim of the jar with Nutella. Now, put rainbow sprinkles on the covered rim.

Add the milkshake to the jar, do not fill it to the brim. Then  the whipped  cream is topped like a crown. 

Add a Ferrero Rocher on one side and behind that two chocolate sticks. Add a little Nutella and rainbow sprinkles over Ferrero Rocher for a nice touch.

Over the whipped cream, we have to sprinkle chocolate shavings. Drizzle honey in a criss-cross design over the milkshake crown. Serve and relish this grand milkshake at your next party.

Types of serving

There are multiple ways to serve Ferrero Rocher milkshake. Use fancy glasses instead of jars and keep the milkshake simple by doing away with certain toppings. The servings can affect and make a difference to the taste, and you'll be able to try and experiment with experience.