Try Chef Harihar Biswal’s Ginger Chicken Dumplings Recipe
Image Credit: Ginger Chicken Jiaozi/China Bistro

It is believed that the first ever dumplings were created by the eastern Han dynasty of China somewhere in 200 AD. Zhang Zhongjing has been credited with the invention of these soft and pillowy buns as a way of warming up one’s body during winters. It is said that he combined meat with herbs and stuffed them in a dough to be steamed and served hot during the winter season.  

The herbs had medicinal properties and the meat kept the body warm, which, in turn, helped people survive the chills and also prevent frostbite. However, the name dumplings appeared much later, in a 16th Century English cookbook, and has stuck to it since then. Several offshoots of these dumplings are now available across cultures, one of them being the jiaozi.  

The word ‘jiaozi’ comes from the paper money currencies used by merchants during the rule of Song dynasty in China. It was only later that the crescent-shaped Chinese equivalents of Japanese gyoza came to be known as jiaozi and were stuffed with minced meat and veggies. Now that you know so much about dumplings, it is time to try this yummy Ginger Chicken Jiaozi recipe by Chef Harihar Biswal - Brand Head Chef at China Bistro.  

Source: Ginger Chicken Jiaozi/China Bistro

    120 gm chicken leg (boneless)  

    10 gm onion  

    5 gm spring onion 

    10 gm oyster sauce  

    2 gm dark soya  

    2 gm light soya 

    5 gm chilli paste  

    2 gm sesame oil 

    5 gm beetroot  


    Mix 100 gm of potato starch with hot water and make a dough.  

    Now, cut this piecewise into a round disc (about 3½-inch in diameter).  

    Add stuffing of shredded chicken, onion, spring onion, chilli paste, beetroot, dark soy sauce, and pickled ginger. 

    Place it in a steamer and steam it. 

    Serve with black pepper and chilli sauce.