Indians and our love for chaat go hand in hand. We love the spicy and savoury chaats, so much so that every region in the country boasts of its own variety of tantalising chaats. Be it classic aloo tikki chaat to the sensational raj kachori, bhalla chaat and the ever-famous samosa chaat, these savoury delicacies make us go weak n the knees at the mere mention. Top it with spicy and tangy chutneys, and heaps of chilled curd along with crunchy sev, anaar and papdi, and it would make for one of the most satisfying snacks you can have.  And let’s be honest, there is no particular rule to make chaats, you can experiment with ingredients that you like or do away with what you don’t like. But what if we suggested you a bizarre version of chaat involving one of the most popular Indian sweets- Jalebi? Yes, you read that right. An Instagram video uploaded by @delhifoodnest shows the unique 'Jalebi Chaat’ from the streets of New Delhi that might shock chaat lovers. Innovated by an eatery called Chaat Box in Greater Kailash-I , the jalebi chaat has already caused quite a stir on the internet.

The Instagram page did mention in their caption that the chaat uses unsweetened jalebis; the ones that have not been dipped in the sugar syrup yet. In the video, we can see the jalebis being topped with boiled chana, a variety of sweet and savoury chutneys, dried spices, lots of curd, crunchy sev, pomegranates, and coriander leaves in the end and served. The caption on the video further read, "Honestly the taste wasn't as good as one would expect. But you can still give it a try". Look at the video here:

Even with the description on the video, many thought that it was simply an abomination of a dish and a completely unnecessary one too. The video however had more than 93k views and several comments that were mostly not in the favour of this unique chaat. "Fusion ke naam pe kuch bhi" (They are creating anything in the name of fusion), wrote one user while another comment read "Arrey bhai kyun jalebi ko badnaam kar rahe ho, jo jaisa waisa hi rehne do na" (Why are you spoiling jalebi, let it be the way it is supposed to be). 

However, there were some comments from users who seemed interested in the dish and wondered how it was. "How was the taste?" one comment asked to which the page replied "Hume to nahi laga aacha" (We did not like it). Another comment read, "Yeh hai na badhiya" (This looks great) to which the page replied, "Nahi bhai, Jalebi akele hi theek tha" (Not at all, Jalebi tastes pretty good on its own). 

What do you think about the Jalebi chaat? Let us know.