Trending: Yuzu Matcha Takes The Form Of A Lily Pad; Now, Isn’t That Exciting?
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, Yuzu is a special Chinese citrus fruit.

Asian cultures have plenty of things in common. Their flavours and tastes as well as ingredients are often intermingled. Take Korean and Japanese cuisine for instance. Both has sushi on their platter but is prepared slightly differently. In fact, I discovered some cultural similarities between Korean and Indian culture too while watching the series, Kim’s Convenience. It was about a Korean immigrant family that has settled in Canada. This made me think about the culinary meeting points across Asian cultures. In fact, there is a special fruit also that Japanese and Koreans extensively consume. 

It is known as Yuzu. It is a citrusy fruit that usually grows in Asian climatic conditions. The zesty flavour and appearance can lead it to be mistake for a grapefruit too sometimes. This fruit is paired with matcha, which is fine powder form of green tea leaves. This green tea is known to possess several health benefits and often used as a substitute for coffee and regular tea. It is also utilized in a variety of desserts, including chocolates. Recently, a chef introduced us to a Yuzu match dessert but the shape will leave you mesmerized. 

Source: Amaury Guichon/Instagram

Shared by Amaury Guichon, on his Instagram handle, the chef has been well-known for his artistic creations and aesthetic works of chocolate. Remember the giant chocolate tiger sculpture he prepared for Chinese New Year? In this video, he can be seen pouring in the matcha mixture in a mould of a lily pad. He then mixes it with a white-coloured liquid and then adds the yuzu-flavoured mixture in another mould. He mixes a few liquid together and we get a beautiful matcha yuzu cake base. This is then placed on the lily pad mould and he goes on to make the intricacies of the lily pad. These involve the petals, buds and more. He sprays them with the appropriate colours and carefully places it in the centre of the mould. He embosses the lines of the lily on the base and cuts it open. 

We can see the beautiful layers of the cake from within. The video is quite stunning and has captured the likes of more than 600k viewers. The video is captioned saying, “The Lily Pad! Asian inspiration for this Matcha/Yuzu dessert!”

Have you ever tried a matcha or yuzu flavoured dish yet? Do let us know.