Trending: This Hyderabad Café Is Selling “24k Gold" Ice Cream

Be it a simple brownie or a waffle, ice cream often comes to our rescue to amp up any dish. The cold, sweet and flavourful delight is enough to satisfy our sweet cravings. And as the culinary experiments have brought most of our favourite foods to the limelight and we were just expecting ice cream to be a part of them. And as we were just scrounging through the internet, we found an experiment to join the bandwagon of super-expensive gold-plated foods. After gold-plated moos, vada pav and gold burgers, this Hyderabad café decided to impress foodies with its “24k Gold ice cream”.

An Instagram food blogger by the username @abhinavjeswani uploaded a video on his Instagram page of a Hyderabad-based café serving gold ice creams to its customers. In the video, the vendor is seen adding ice cream to a chocolate cone, making a cream swirl, covering it with a gold sheet and garnishing it with some cherries and an oreo cookie. As per the food blogger, the cafe charges rupees 500 for the ice cream along with additional taxes.  The name of the café is Huber and Holly near Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

The video has surely impressed netizens by joining the gold-plated bandwagon however, some also call it “unnecessary”. The video was uploaded by the food blogger a week ago and it has garnered 2.9 million views and 236k likes and numerous comments from foodies around it. While many netizens have expressed their excitement to taste the ice cream, numerous others have called it “unnecessary” and “overpriced”. Another user by the username @meshruti_p also commented, “Are we supposed to eat it or keep it🙄🙄”.

Are you excited to try this “24k Gold” ice cream? Do let us know. Also, till then don’t forget to try the delicious and creamy ice cream recipes that are up for grabs for you on Slurrp.