Trending: Move Over ‘Bahubali Gol Gappa’, ‘Volcano Gol Gappa' Is Making Netizens Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @foodie_incarnate

Let’s just agree that gol gappa is one of the most loved street foods in India. Be it the tantalising flavours of its chutneys packed with fiery spices or the flavoured water, we are sure to go weak in the knees at the mere mention of it, isn’t it? No wonder it is loved by both kids and adults alike. Imagine biting into a crunchy gol gappa or pani puri with aloo masala and the signature khatta-meetha pani, just thinking about it has one drooling, doesn't it?! 

Known as pani puri, puchka and batasha, as we move from one state to another, it may have different names, but is loved equally with all our hearts. That’s why there have been several culinary experiments with humble street food. And this has led to some bizarre gol gappa creations on the internet as well - such as ‘Mirinda Gol Gappa’, ‘Bahubali Gol Gappa’, ‘Fire Gol Gappa’, and so on. In the latest mind-boggling experiment, we have found another gol gappa invention that has been going viral. Of late, Surat’s ‘Volcano Gol Gappa’ has been making a lot of buzz online, for not just its unique name but also for the method of making it. Take a look at the video:

 In the video, one could see why this gol gappa has been given such a unique name. The man making the gol gappa makes a volcano using mashed potatoes and peas, within the said volcano, he makes a special pani using the mashed potato-pea mixture and the classic gol gappa pani. The gol gappa is filled with the special masala, and the spicy water and then served to hungry, gol gappa-loving customers. Shared by Instagram-based food blogger @foodie_incarnate the video has already garnered 1.3 million views and over 100k likes! 

Not just the volcano gol gappa, the vendor also makes a special crushed chaat using gol gappas, special masala, paani, and other ingredients and serves it to people to conclude the meal. According to the food blogger, it is this mashed chaat that people specially come to eat, and is extremely popular across Surat, besides the gol gappas. Here's how people reacted on the internet about the volcano gol gappa: 

"This is mouth-watering". 

"Looks very interesting". 

"I think Surat street food ki koi comparison he nai....." (I think there is no comparison to Surat street food). 

"Wah maza aa gaya" (Wow! I enjoyed). 

"Do we have something similar in Delhi NCR? We had this in Gwalior, my hometown. But couldn't find in Delhi NCR". 

Many people enquired about the full address of the vendor and some said that this has been around in the street food scene since many years, and isn’t new. “It’s called ragda pani puri, I used to eat this like 13 yrs back in Vadodara,” wrote one user.  

If you have started to crave gol gappa, then we’ve got a recipe for you right here

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