Mango Maggi Is the New Bizarre Food Combo To Scar Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @thegreatindianfoodie

We all know cooking is an art and is ever evolving. And what evolves often goes through several experiments and innovations, and cooking isn’t an exception. But while experiments in cooking often lead to delicious dishes, it can also give us some bizarre and horrific results. Thanks to social media, we have enough proof of the latter. Be it amateur chefs, bloggers or street food vendors, we have seen some of the most astounding street food experiments involving some bizarre ingredients together. From ‘Chocolate Samosa, ‘Chocolate Maggi’ to ‘Dhokla Ice Cream’ and more, the list is endless. Adding to that list is the latest shocking invention - ‘Mango Maggi’. Yes, you read right! 

Summer is the season of mangoes and we have some examples of delicious dishes made using the fruit - think of thick and yummy mango shake, chilled mango custard and more. But can you imagine instant noodles with mangoes? Yes, that is exactly what has happened. A street food vendor has actually combined the popular instant noodles with the summer fruit. We all have had instant noodles with cheese, vegetables, eggs and even meat, but in a video that has been shared on Instagram by The Great Indian Foodie, a woman prepares Maggi with the king of fruits - mango! Take a look:

In the video, the woman first heats the ghee and adds some masala to it. She then sautés it and adds water, followed by instant noodles. Well, everything is pretty normal until now. However, what happens next has left foodies, and Maggi lovers horrified. The woman now adds mango juice to the skillet. And cooks the Maggi in it. Once cooked, she transfers the noodles onto a plate, and before serving she peels a ripe mango, and tops the noodles with pieces of the mango. That’s not all, while serving the noodles, the woman also pours some mango juice on the plate. Interesting, isn’t it? 

The video has gone viral on social media, with over 250k views and over 6,000 likes on Instagram. And the comments section is buzzing with several users expressing how shocked they are by the bizarre combination. 

While some comments were hilarious, some foodies were pretty hurt. Replying to the video one user said, “God, find me another planet,” with cry emojis. “What happened to your taste buds,” another asked. “Narak me jaloge tum log (you guys will burn in hell),” another comment said. A user gave a humorous turn and emphatically wrote, “Kindly add location so that someone can reach over and offer counselling.” Another user said, “Does food police exist because this should be a life sentence.”  

While the Internet is no stranger to unique and often weird food combinations, every time a new one arrives, we are left confused. What do you think about the latest innovation? Are there any bizarre food combinations you have come across? Let us know.