Trending: Karan Johar Validates Farah Khan’s Request For Free Nachos At An NYC Restaurant; Do You?
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @farahkhankunder

Free food is perhaps a true foodie’s absolute delight. But have you ever gone to a restaurant and asked for free nachos ‘as a discount’ along with your dish? In India, it might be usual, but think of doing it in another country and you may get amusing looks. That’s exactly what happened when choreographer Farah Khan asked for freebies or a discount at an American restaurant. Farah Khan is in the US right now and is accompanied by none other than filmmaker Karan Johar, who is leaving no stone unturned to reveal her hilarious secrets.  

The filmmaker has been sharing various snippets of Farah Khan while shopping or hanging around in New York City, and shared a short video of her from a restaurant counter in the city. The video definitely proves how Farah is an absolute foodie. In the video we can see Farah at a food counter, paying for the food she had ordered. As the man at the counter gives her a tray full of what looks like a Mexican baked treat, and says the food costs 9 dollars, she asks him, “Can I get free nachos as a discount.” He looks amused and simply replies, “No, sorry." Take a look: