Trending: Jeans Inbuilt With Towels To Wipe Hands? Internet Lauds The Genius Idea
Image Credit: Image: Screenshot from Instagram Reel by @unnecessaryinventions

The internet is one place you can never get bored of. From bone-tickling memes and videos to some extremely knowledgeable and informative content, the internet has it all. And while there is no dearth of all kinds of content, certain creative works just stand out and amuse us even more. The latest video that is doing the rounds on social media does exactly that. A creation by Matty Benedetto, who runs an Instagram page called @unnecessaryinventions, is making netizens drool. Matty is known to design and builds products 'to solve problems that don't exist.' Intrigued? His latest products are sure to amaze you. In one of his latest creations, he created jeans inbuilt with a towel to wipe your hands off while eating. Relatable? Same here! 

Calling this creation "sloppy slacks’', he said that these are "the only pants specifically engineered for wiping your messy hands on while eating." These simple trousers are quite usual-looking, but just come with two easy-to-remove sections that reveal our ‘integrated, highly absorb antcloth pads’. Once removed, you can enjoy your favourite saucy foods with peace of mind knowing you can swiftly wipe your greasy, dirty hands on your pants at any time without any worry, until they are perfectly clean. Once you are done, you can just reattach each of the denim covers to hide or cover all the mess and go about your day looking fresher than ever. Matty shared a video with all this information and demonstrated exactly how you can use these pants. Take a look at it here:

 Unsurprisingly, the video has been viewed over 2 million times, has 108K likes and thousands of hilarious comments ever since it was posted. The comments section was filled with users appreciating the invention and some users wrote how this is one of the most useful inventions. "These inventions are always necessary to sell me something", wrote one user, while another person said, "Change the name of this page to necessary inventions because it no longer gives what the name suggests”. 

Besides some hilarious comments, a user also had a doubt regarding this invention as the comment read "Is antcloth pad removable? Can we reinstall the same after servicing?". Someone also said, "As a tattoo artist, this is very useful.” 

Hilarious and doubtful comments aside, many people also gave him suggestions on how to rev up these sloppy pants. A person commented, "You should have done it all the other way around. Make the towels removable with some caltrops to put them on the legs, and once dirty, you can remove them to wash. And you can buy the towels in many colours." Another user added, "Make an upgrade where you can remove the white part and change for another, then you don't need to wash them after every meal, just change the pads." 

What do you think about these sloppy pants? Are they really “unnecessary”? Let us know.