Maharashtrian Thali: 7 Traditional Delicacies You Must Try

Maharashtrian food is known for its nutrition and taste, and Maharashtrians also enjoy doing various types of experiments with food. Many street foods ranging from Pav Bhaji to Jhalmuri are famous in Maharashtra and almost every state of India. But are you aware of the traditional staples of Maharashtra? Here we have some authentic dishes served in a Maharashtrian Thali that signifies a perfectly nutritious meal.

Mugachi Usal 

Mugachi Usal is one of the most popular foods eaten in Maharashtra. Sprouted moong dal is made by adding coconut, chilli, ginger. Maharashtrian mungachi usal is very healthy and nutritious due to the presence of protein. 

Palakchi Patal Bhaji 

This is made from spinach and is eaten mainly during the winter season. This Bhaji is a high protein spinach curry cooked in Maharashtrian style. The curry is super delicious with coconut, peanuts, gram flour and yoghurt.


Mango is a summer fruit, and people like to drink aamras in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Aamras enhances the taste and quickly digests the food. It is very healthy, and people drink it along with their meals. 

Shengdana Ladoo 

Shengdana ladoos are made by mixing peanut, milk, sugar, dried coconut powder and desi ghee. These laddus are found primarily in Maharashtra, but you can make them at home too.


People in Maharashtra like to eat raita made of tomato, onion and cucumber in the summer season. It is called Koshimbir, and it is very beneficial for your health in the summer season.

Limbacha Sherbet 

In Maharashtra, lemon is called limbacha, and lemonade syrup is called Limbacha sherbet. It is effortless to be made, and it is the perfect beverage for the summer season. 

Kothimbir Vadi 

Made by mixing gram flour, coriander leaves and sesame seeds, kothimbir Vadi is first steamed and then deep-fried to crisp and delicious Vadis.