Punjabi food has been marketed and thought of as rich, delicious and fat-laced. All at once. However, what most eaters fail to realize is that the authentic food of Punjab--the Punjab of villages and the fields--is a far cry from these creamy smooth tomato-based gravies.

Hola To The Humble Kadhi

Kadhi is one such Punjabi item true to its root. It is humble, healthy, and far far away from being the restaurant-style Punjabi gravies of the current times. Kadhi has umpteen variations. It varies in ingredients and style across communities. In fact, every culture has a particular kadhi recipe associated with it. As the name says, a kadhi is only perfect when the 'kadhna' or slow cooking process is done with patience. 

Here are top tips in the context of the cooking process or some secret ingredient for North Indian Kadhis that can perfect it every time you cook it up. All these tips have no expert sanction but are backed with the experience of my grandmoms and mom over the years.

Watery Secrets

When making the kadhi, dilute it with water as soon as the yogurt-chickpea flour is mixed. Most recipes ask for adding the mixture to the pan and adding water after the seasoning is done. Avoid this because of the risk of curdling increases.

Salty Tales

Always add salt last in the kadhi. Make sure you simmer the pan with jeera and methi seed tadka first and then add the kadhi base. Once this starts cooking, add the salt. Never add raw turmeric at this stage. Both turmeric and a little bit of paprika need addition in the initial kadhi base mixing stage.

Sugar ‘Eh?

One secret ingredient to use in kadhi is a spoon of sugar. The idea is to not make the sugary taste come clean but to balance the tanginess and the play of salt and the spices. Mellow down the kadhi just a bit with a spoon of sugar for a cup of dahi in the kadhi.

Kasoori It Up

Secret ingredient two for cooking an awesome kadhi is kasoori methi or dried fenugreek leaves. This is a common ingredient in Punjabi kitchens but not popularly used in kadhis. Add this while the kadhi simmers on low flame for awesome results.

While making kadhi, take care of always using mustard oil. Even for frying the pakodas that is. Other oils have too much of a neutral taste that tones done the kadhi. 

Attain Near Perfection

A kadhi is supposed to be powerful in taste just not too overwhelming. These hacks will not teach you to make kadhi from scratch but if you already know the way around, these will help you make the same tastier and near perfect.

About Author: Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves travel, books, playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food!