Top Sweet Dishes To Stir Up In A Jiffy

Sweets are an integral part of just about any food culture. From the American doughnut to the Russian Pavlova and down to our very own halwas, sweet nothings make for so many things across all continents and platters. Even for an average Indian household, having a sweet or a sweet dish at the end of a meal course is common practice. However, for times when you have no ready sweet stacked away at home, here are the top quickie sweet dishes you can make in a jiffy.

1. Halwas- 

Made from everything almost in most homes, the desi halwa is a delight. While elaborate halwas such as moong dal or papaya take prep and a longer time, it is quick to stir up a karah or atte ka halwa. Also served as prashad at gurdwaras around the world, all it takes to make this wonderfully roasted sweet dish is some atta, ghee and sugar syrup. Equally quick is the sooji or semolina halwa. Just ensure you roast the main ingredient well enough for the perfect feel.

2. Phenia-

 Have some extra milk? Add a spoon of ghee and bring to a boil. Add some thin roasted vermicilli that comes out of a pack in rounded blocks. Your ultimate  sweet dish made in a minute is ready! Throwing in dry fruits works wonders but might not always be a basic part of quick sweet dishes.

3. Instant Jalebi- 

Got a bad craving for the jalebi? Not all times and towns have the luxury of Swiggy even now. Make a batter from yoghurt, besan and baking soda and use an icing bag to create the winded circle style delight in a deep frying pan. Soak it in elaichi laced sugar syrup and enjoy jalebi in a jiffy!

4. Sweet Goja- 

A traditional sweet native to Bengal and Odisha, simply make a maida dough laced with ample oil, sugar and salt. Add some kalonji seeds too. Give the dough a tongue like shape and fry till done (and crunchy hard). Add it to a thicksugar syrup and your instant goja is ready. 

With so many sweet options staring at you, why don’t you get to making one right away?