Top Boiled Potato Recipes For Any Occasion
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Potato has been a boon for the world ever since the vegetable came into being. Originally dating back to the Incas of Peru, the veggie finds mention as early as 8000 BC. However, in the early 1500's and even alter during that century; the Spanish brought this to Europe. Over time, around the 18th CE, the Portuguese colonists brought the batata to Mumbai and around in India. Since then the humble alu or potato spread across the entire Indian subcontinent, specially the North and East over the years. The popularity in cultivation along the Northern areas is because of the British efforts though, few years later.

Potato Matters More Than You Think

All said and done, the potato deserves an ode. This is because of the way it mixes up with just about anything to create a lip smacking product. Standalone, as a couple, in a group or just about any way-potatoes are versatile and easy to cook. Given that it can be made to taste any way you want, it is also any cook's delight.

While there could be expert potato recipes around, for home chefs, the boiled potato is the blank canvas to many a variety of dishes. Take a look at the top items you can make with boiled potato and regular add-ons.

Alu Balls

Simply add pepper, nixed spices, red chilli powder and a dash of mango powder to mashed potatoes. Mash up well after seasoning. Add spoonful of cornflour and make a tight potato dough. Fry this until golden. The ultimate potato balls are here that could be the centrepiece of your party snack menu. You can go overboard with ingredients here. You could go artistic and use injected cheese, wrap this up with bread crumbs or eggs or layer up with meat shreds. There is no end to where you could take this item. However, the basic potato ball is a winner anyways. This is one way to begin, that is!

Corn Cheese Potato Filling

Throw in some regular cheese that is grated, some mozzarella shreds and usual Indian spices such as salt, garam masala and chilli powder. Mix well and keep aside for use for any reason. This could fill any paratha, smadwich or even as a base for frying or grilling. Layering some bread with this filling and cheese on top before putting into the grill is a scrumptious option.

Mashed Potato (Or Even A) Cutlet Base

Spice up the humble boiled potato with continental spices, a dash of mayonnaise, some light cream and cook it to smooth perfection for perfectly made mashed potato. This can be shaped into a cutlet and fried on a pan after a coating of corn flour slurry and bread crumbs to it.

Spicy Alu Sabzi

Just chop boiled potato into small dices and add to chopped tomatoes in a wok. Add dhania, jeera salt to taste and some aamchur powder. Finish up with a dash of lime and some freshly chopped dhania to go. This is an awesome sabzi that works with any kind of paratha, roti or even puri. A breakie dish, this can be had at any hour of the day.

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