Top 5 Pre-fast Meal Suggestions to Blow Away Your Fasting-Fatigue

Fasting was primarily started for religious purposes; mainly sacrificing food for god has now been replaced with scores of reasons. Be it your diet, wedding rituals, or festive reasons we should prepare ourselves before starting with fasting. Most of us get baffled with what diet to rely on pre fasting. As a result, we end up skipping a lot of nutrients from our meal leading to fatigue and restlessness on the leading day. So here’s a quick list of foods you can opt for before fasting to keep the next day rolling.

Have Fruits

If you will do a poll, I bet 9 out of 10 people will tell you all sorts of fruits as their go-to fasting meal. However, intake of fruits can do wonders even on the eve of your fasting day. It not only helps to get in more H20 but also boosts your stamina due to its high sugar and fiber value. It will keep you full for long hours with a steady inflow of sugar.

Opt For Vegetables

Eat your greens! Yes, we all know vegetables are rich in loads of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables offer insoluble fibres which not only keep your digestion sane during fasting but also increase your holistic productivity. If your next question is which vegetable should you start with, then our million-dollar advice is to go with broccoli and leafy vegetables.

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Cutting on carbohydrates and replacing them with proteins is the best way to unwind your diet before fasting. You may add both animal and plant-based proteins to your pre-fast menu to remain active throughout the day. You can fall back on your cherished dairy products like milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese.

Have Legumes

Legumes are the healthy way to start your meal if you want to accentuate more on plant-based proteins. Making salads from fresh beans and lentils can offer you the required strength and will not let down your taste buds.
Quick Advice: You can make legumes more digestible by soaking them in water overnight since they are fibrous.

Drink plenty of water

The majority of the people complain about dehydration and subsequent side effects during fasting. Staying hydrated before fasting can help you get away with fasting fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and dry mouth. So our advice is to fill yourself with plenty of water before and then build your strength with a wholesome meal before it begins.