Top 5 Instagram Food Trends of 2023
Image Credit: Freepik

Every day, billions of users on Instagram witness something new happening in the world. The same is the scene with food trends being viral on social media. Food enthusiasts and influencers have created a whole new culinary revolution and inspired everyone to share their best recipes online. The power of the internet has created a scope for many to utilize social media platforms for showcasing everyone's culinary skills that never got a chance to go public.

While scrolling through reels, several mouth-watering dishes and recipes flash every second. From Food ASMR videos to unique ways of using the simplest ingredients, Instagram is filled with tons of food videos coming up every day.

2023 has been a golden year for some of the old recipes as well as new recipes to go viral on Insta. This article will look at the top 5 trends that kept everyone hooked.

1) Butter Chicken

One dish that stole everyone's heart in 2023 was none other than Butter Chicken. Several influencers got their hands on trying this delectable North Indian delight. Some also agreed that there can’t be a better way to cook chicken than this. From trying traditional recipes to cooking them in a different way, several tried to give this iconic dish their own twist. Along with winning a million hearts globally, Butter Chicken was also claimed “Recipe Of The Year” in the 2023 Queensland Tuckshop competition, where the recipe was created and submitted by Angelique Scarpignato.

2) Plant-Based Meals

With the awareness moment going on with veganism, Plant-Based Meals were the hype all year in 2023. With numerous food influencers coining up a new mouthwatering vegan recipe idea, veganism became a way of living for many. Addressing the issues of animals being mistreated in poultry and meat industries, Vegan Moment spread like fire in several countries, gathering people from all walks of life to give a hand in stopping animal cruelty. Some of the top vegan food influencers like Maya from @FitGreenMind, Carleigh Bodrug from @plantyou, and Richa Hingle from @veganricha kept their audience posted all year long with delicious, nutritious, healthy and new vegan recipes every day, making plant-based meals one of the top food trends in 2023 on Instagram.

3) Artisanal Breads

From Naan to baguette, artisanal breads gained worldwide popularity this year. After the influx of meat dishes as well as plant-based dishes, Instagrammers are seeking authentic bread experiences to match their gourmet delight. This led to several influencers trying bread recipes such as sourdough, baguettes, naan, and ciabatta and posting on Instagram, which soon became a viral trend among the users. The breads that were not easily available in local bakery shops can now be prepared at home, thanks to all the viral recipes that served as a useful guide for several in beginning their journey of dough making. With this trend, even the most foreign bread recipes are starting to be served at local diners and restaurants in several countries, including India.

Image Credit: Freepik

4) Garlic Bread

With people trying new experiments on salads, roasted garlic dips, and tomatoes, pairing them with their homemade bread, Garlic Bread took its spot among the trending recipes in 2023. The bread-making culture on Insta influenced millions to make their bread recipes with different ingredients and in different shapes. Making garlic bread and trying out different variations of it ignited a viral trend on Instagram.

5)  Making Spiced Powder Out Of Vegetable Peels

It is a known fact that every part of the vegetable carries some nutritional properties. This thing became a viral sensation among many through social media platforms. The most famous of them was the onion peel powder recipe. This trend captured the attention of food enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and social media users alike. As people became more conscious about the impacts of waste on the environment, making spices out of onion peels was a sustainable way to reuse the peels and make something flavourful out of them. Not only this, onion peel powder also got attention for the potential health benefits it can provide.

The list of trends goes on, but these were among the top 5 trends that led to the start of something new. From making artisan bread to onion peel spice, everyone learned something new this year, and influencers kept adding to the surprise element.