Top 2 Creme De Menthe Cocktails For Your Next House Party
Image Credit: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Creme de menthe is a sweet, mint-flavoured alcoholic beverage that is one of the most common ingredients used in a ton of cocktails. You may have come across two versions of it that include one white and the other green. The green colour appears if it is made by adding colouring using extract instead of the leaves. If one wants to make their cocktails bright green, they always opt for the green version. Otherwise, there is no difference between the varieties besides the colour as the flavour remains the same. Creme de menthe has about 25% alcohol per cent. Besides its practical use in cocktails, creme de menthe is interesting even used as a flavouring substance in cooking and serves as a commendable digestif.

So here are the two best cocktails you can make using Creme de menthe at home. 

1. Grasshopper

Just as the name suggests, the grasshopper is a vibrant green coloured cocktail that has the goodness of mint flavour with a fresh aroma combined. It is one of those classic yet hearty cocktails that is said to be enjoyed post-meals for a pleasing and soothing effect. To make a grasshopper at home, all you need is to blend creme de menthe, creme de cacao, whipped cream and sugar syrup if you wish. Within no time, your cocktail will be ready to relish.

2. Springbookie

Feel the booziness in a single gulp with shots. Springbokkie is a popular cocktail shooter that hails far away from South Africa. This multi-layered shooter has a clear base, greenish colour in the middle, and a chocolate brown on top. This drink is named after the national animal of South Africa, while on the other hand, the dazzling colours are derived from the team's jersey. To put together this cocktail shooter, all you need is creme de menthe with Amarula. 

These are must-try cocktails for every alcoholic. Always remember to drink wisely, though!