Top 10 Spots To Have Haleem In Hyderabad As Per City Foodies

If you’re in Hyderabad, you’re always a stone’s throw away from some decadent Haleem. Be it the several heritage eateries dotting the Charminar area or the new and popular dining destinations, a huge selection of brands serve haleem during the Ramadan month. The traditional Hyderabadi haleem has a rich culinary heritage that blends influences from Mughal, Persian, Turkish, and South Indian cuisines. Haleem is believed to have originated in the kitchens of the Nizams, the rulers of Hyderabad, during the 17th century.

Hyderabad's haleem is prepared using traditional methods that involve slow-cooking meat, lentils, wheat, and spices for several hours until they meld into a thick, porridge-like consistency. This slow-cooking process allows the flavours to develop fully, resulting in a rich and aromatic dish. It also includes a unique blend of spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg, along with saffron and rose water, along with generous helpings of ghee. Here are the best spots to experience haleem in Hyderabad, according to local foodies.

Hotel Shadab, Ghansi Bazaar, Recommended by @deccaneaters580

Local foodies call it Charminar’s Best Haleem! The restaurant in Old City serves haleem from 4 pm; customers can head to the elaborate haleem counters at the front of the restaurant, especially if they’re looking for quick takeaways. Shadab’s haleem is a low-key, palatable and creamy haleem which is great for summers. The aroma of pure ghee cuts through the rich ess of the meat and the best part is this haleem is notably less greasy than other varieties. You can get it in different portions ranging from Rs 260 to Rs 1250. There’s even a Chhota pack that offers single-serve portions at Rs 160.

Subhan Bakery, Bazar Ghat by Love4foodntravel

This beloved haleem joint does not skimp on the meat and makes some scrumptious additions too! Subhan’s haleem offers the perfect combination of tender meat and a savoury base. It’s made with pure ghee and is topped with roasted almonds and a layer of crispy fried onions. The ghee is layered in a certain way so its essence is thoroughly infused in the dish. It’s available in a large family pack and also in smaller single packs.

Grill9, SD Road Recommended by Love4foodntravel

The Grill9’s haleem has found popularity in the last few years, owing to its classic taste and portions. They are famous for their Bahubali Haleem which is good enough for three people and is topped with phattar ka gosht, chicken tikka, nalli, boiled egg, cream and nuts. The meat is tender and has a melt-in-the-mouth quality; it’s mildly sweet which is perfect because it has quite a bit of savoury toppings. 

Sarvi Food Court, Banjara Hills Recommended by @deccaneaters580

Possibly the most filling and wholesome haleem in Hyderabad, Sarvi’s haleem is a rich, slow-cooked wonder. At Sarvi the haleem is perfectly seasoned and creamy; it’s topped with a whole boiled egg, fried onions and nuts. Don’t miss out on their Irani haleem which is a signature dish and is also the biggest seller. Plus, it has some mayo on top!

Shah Ghouse Hotel & Restaurant, Shalibanda Recommended by @madly_yummy

Shah Ghouse’s juicy, flavourful haleem gets takers from all over the city. The restaurant serves a traditional haleem that’s moist, tender and perfectly balanced. It’s topped with oodles of buffalo ghee and nuts. It’s slow-cooked in a chulha, in a traditional fashion and fine-tuned to perfection. It’s also quite reasonably priced. You can get mini portions at Rs 230 and a family pack at Rs 900.

Bawarchi Restaurant, RTC X Rd by @Chatori-Zuban

Bawarchi’s haleem has a major fan base across Hyderabad. The restaurant which is celebrating its 30th year in the city, offers generous portions along with several different kinds of servings on the menu. You can opt for a mini haleem, full haleem or a family pack. There’s also a jumbo haleem priced at Rs 1400. Their haleem is quite balanced and succulent and does not overdo it in terms of spices. Pair it with a crispy naan or some hot biryani!

Pista House, Shalibanda by @mr.sidthetraveller

No haleem crawl across Hyderabad can be complete without a visit to the Pista House. It’s widely known as the best-selling haleem in Hyderabad and serves an old-school recipe which involves cooking the haleem for 8 hours straight! In fact, during the month of Ramadan, Pista House sells roughly 10,000 kgs of haleem every day, across all its outlets. This year, they have come up with a travel pack as well, which is great for gifting purposes. Their haleem is topped with several tablespoons of hot ghee along with coriander and some fried onions.

Cafe 555, Banjara Hills, by @tastecheyguru

Located in the old city area of Hyderabad, Café 555 is known for its lip-smacking haleem, especially during Ramadan. The place is known for its consistent quality and delicious flavours, making it a favourite among locals. Its menu has several different kinds of haleem; if you want something other than mutton, you can opt for a chicken 65 haleem which is topped with an egg and a generous serving of the popular chicken 65. You can also opt for the larger version which features the chicken 65 along with nalli gosht and eggs!

4 Seasons, Toli Chowki Recommended by @streetbyte

There are plenty of Indian diners in Toli Chowki, but during Ramadan 4 Seasons stands out for their selection of traditional haleem. It is a popular destination for haleem lovers in Hyderabad and their haleem is known for its authentic taste and consistency, drawing crowds consistently. Along with haleem, they also serve a variety of traditional Hyderabadi dishes, making it a favourite spot for every foodie.

Chicha's, Lakdikapul Recommended by @Ahaemiruchi2

This underrated Hyderabad gem serves some of the best haleem in Hyderabad. Their  sehri menu includes some winning combos like the khichdi-khatta-kheema, Khattidal-talava gosht, dawat ka chicken combo etc! Their haleem offers a generous dose of protein with plenty of nuts and cream; besides their haleem, customers also love their Kacchi Akhni Ki Dum Biryani which is hearty and flavourful and offers a nice change from the rich, heavy profile of the biryani.