Top 10 Biryani Restaurants In Hyderabad’s Kompally Area
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Kompally is a lush suburb of Hyderabad and is among the fastest developing regions of the city. It is home to ample greenery as well as quiet residential streets. It is well connected to a number of commercial and recreational establishments across its space. Being a key location in Hyderabad, one can expect no shortage of fantastic Biryani centric eateries dotting its length and breadth. Here’s a list of places that you should be sure not to miss! 

1.    Chickpet Donne Biryani House - Kompally

Chickpet Donne Biryani House is an affordable option located right off the Srinagar-Kanyakumari highway. What you get here is closer to a pulao owing to the masala and rice being cooked together. The "donne" style of biryani is native to Gowda households in Karnataka and is a spicy alternative to many of the biryanis you might find in Hyderabad.

USP Dish: Mutton Donne Biryani 

Location: 1st Floor, Ganga Enclave, beside D-mart Quthbhullapur, Petbasheerabad, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500055

How to get there: Just ahead of the DMART off the Srinagar-Kanyakumari highway 

Timings: 11:30AM to 12AM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two:  Rs. 500

2.    Delite kitchen

This spot is highly rated, with many folks raving about the choice of Biryani it offers. Extra biryani masala is offered on request in addition to the establishment’s plentiful appetizers and haleem.

USP Dish: Chicken TIkka Biryani 

Location: Devender Colony, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500100

How to get there: Opp. Ashrita Hospital off the Srinagar-Kanyakumari Highway 

Timing:11:30AM to 12AM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two:  Rs. 950

3.    Malnadu Kitchen

This slightly more upscale option offers comfortable interiors and a good list of Telangana regional specials such as Bheja Fry and Potelu Mamsam. The restaurant is also located conveniently off the highway, so definitely make it a stop on your way into or out of Kompally!

USP Dish: Keema Biryani 

Location: 1st floor, Hoysala inn, Kompally Road, Ruby Block, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500014

How to get there: Next to Srikara Hospital

Timings: 11:30AM to 11:30PM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two:  Rs. 1000

4.    Ulavacharu Kompally

Another regional specialty restaurant just a few minutes away from our previous listing of Malnadu Kitchen, Ulavacharu is known for its spicy Telangana style appetizers as well as an abundant choice of biryanis and pulaos to choose from. The restaurant’s interiors are bright and cheery, making for a memorable dining experience. 

USP Dish: Raju Gari Kodi Pulao

Location: Survey no: 127, 3rd and 4th Floors, Ulavacharu, Road, near Cine Planet, Ruby Block, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500014

How to get there: Near Cine Planet, above Ratnadeep supermarket 

Timings:11:45AM-11:30PM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two:  Rs. 1400

5.    My Place Restaurant & Bar

For those looking for a lively neighborhood bar that also happens to serve excellent biryani, look no further! My Place is known for its affordable food and drinks in a cozy atmosphere.

USP Dish: Boneless Chicken Biryani 

Location: Doolapally Rd, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500014

How to get there: Near St. Martins Engineering College 

Timings:10AM-12AM, Monday To Sunday

Cost for two:  Rs. 1100

6.    Paradise Biryani

Paradise Biryani has grown to become a national institution over the last decade but still manages to retain popularity among locals in the Kompally area, with this branch garnering thousands of positive reviews. Paradise is a comfortable restaurant that serves large portions of its famous Biryanis at a slightly higher price than other options.

USP Dish: Nizami Mutton Biryani 

Location: SY No:103/B Situated at Kompally, Brundavan Colony, Gandi Maisamma Mandal, Secunderabad, Telangana 500014

How to get there: Right off the Srinagar-Kanyakumari highway. 

Timing:11AM to 11PM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two:  Rs. 1200

7.    SAINMA Restaurant

SAINMA Restaurant, a cinema-themed restaurant known for its unique Biryani offerings as well as warm and attentive service, is a charming dining experience that goes beyond the regular family restaurant within the Kompally region. 

USP Dish: Potlam Kheema Biryani. (Keema Biryani cooked inside a banana leaf)

Location: NH 44, near Cine Planet, Ruby Block, Multiplex, Kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500014

How to get there: Behind Chintamani Tiffins

Timing:12PM to 12AM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two: Rs 1000

8.    Pegasi the Royal Rasoi

This restaurant is known for its excellent Halal mutton biryani and is also a popular takeaway option that is highly reviewed by residents of the area. It is also among the only options in this list open well into the night, until 2:30 am.

USP Dish: Pegasi Spl Mutton Pulao 

Location: 126, Asian Cine Planet, Kompally, Hyderabad 500100

How to get there: Near Cine Planet 

Timing:11AM to 2:30AM, Monday To Sunday

Cost for two: Rs 400

9.    Blue Bucket Biryani

Blue Bucket offers authentic Hyderabadi-style biryani in large portions, especially good for takeout and deliveries. This chain is also known for its somewhat budget-friendly offerings.

USP Dish: Chicken 65 Biryani 

Location: Panchasheel Enclave Road No 1, HT Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 500010

How to get there: 5 mins drive off the Kanyakumari-Srinagar highway 

Timing:11AM to 11PM, Monday To Sunday 

Cost for two: Rs 300

10.    Tollgate The Eating House

Tollgate is another charming dine-in restaurant off the main highway offering up an extensive selection of both Arabic style Mandi rice and traditional Biryani options in addition to many grill and kebab options. 

USP Dish: Chicken BBQ Mandi Rice 

Location: Plot No 229, Pedda Bashirabad, No. 2, HT Rd, Meenakshi Estate, Jeedimetla, Secunderabad, Telangana 500015

How to get there: Opp Srini Avenue Gate 

Timing:11:30AM to 12AM, Monday To Sunday

Cost for two: Rs 1100