International Sushi Day: Tools You Need For Making Sushi
Image Credit: Sushi at home (Photo Credit: Pixabay)

If people can bake croissants at home and create yoghurt from scratch, then why are we paying a premium on sushi when we can make it in our own kitchen? But with every cuisine, there is a learning curve and making delicate sushi takes some practice. Sushi gets a bad reputation since it’s costly but if it is made at home and prepared right, sushi can be your go-to inexpensive meal. But before you start cooking some rice and cutting up some fish, you need some snazzy tools to help you on your quest to make some mouth-watering sushi. 

Chief’s Knife

We can’t stress enough how necessary a good knife is in the kitchen. And rolling some sushi without a laser-sharp and sturdy knife can be downright impossible. 

Rolling Mat

A rolling mat ensures that sushi is packed together tightly and helps grab it with chopsticks. You can either purchase a bamboo mat or a silicone mat. But a bamboo mat can go bad quickly, so ensure to use plastic wrap on the base of the mat to increase its longevity. 

Sushi rice cooker

A sushi rice cooker is pretty much the best way to cook rice to the right consistency. Unlike other kinds of rice, sushi rice has thicker grain and tends to be sticky. So allow this machine to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Serving Essentials 

To enjoy sushi the right way, get a dark serving plate along with chopsticks, and a small bowl for the dipping sauces and soy. 


Sushi is only as good as its ingredients. Good rice is an integral part of sushi, so make sure to use rice that is designated for sushi. Apart from that get your hands on nori (which is the greenish-black sheet made from seaweeds), soy sauce, rice vinegar, wasabi (which is a spicy condiment also made from sea plants) and pickled ginger.