Here Are Some Wallet-Friendly Recipes For Foodies

Tomato prices are soaring in the country, reaching as high as Rs. 140 in the capital city. While buying tomatoes is now out of the question for those cooking on a budget, there are a number of recipes that can be cooked that are light on the pockets at a time of a growing vegetable price crisis. These nutritious, yet tasty recipes are part of regional and local cuisine and can be made using ingredients readily available in the kitchen, excluding, of course, tomatoes!

Packed with flavour and wholesomeness, these dishes are great for those hoping to save a few bucks at the local greengrocer’s without compromising on the taste quotient of their everyday meals. Read on below for a variety of foods that can be cooked using basic ingredients that have great flavour:

Lentils And Legume Dals 

Dal fry, or dal tadka, is a good option for a wallet-saving meal. ‘Dal baath power, 24 hours, goes the old adage, so making dal rice is the best way to go easy on the pocket while having a full meal. Lentil soup is also a good alternative and can be a meal in itself when seasoned lightly with salt, pepper, turmeric, and red chilli powder. Along with lentils, legumes like kidney beans, black-eyed peas, horse gramme, and chickpeas can also be whipped up into delicious curries for a flavour-packed meal. Curd, raw mango, or amchur can be used as a replacement for tomatoes in the curry.

Millet Rotis

Millet prices are generally moderate at most times and can be friendly on the pocket. Making millet pancakes like the ragi pancake or cheela can be good dinner alternatives in place of more expensive options. Paired with just a bit of ghee and chutney, millet rotis and pancakes are a good source of taste and nutrition.

Puffed Or Flattened Rice Poha

Poha, or puffed rice, can be a wholesome meal when mixed with milk. Rich in carbohydrates that are good sources of energy, poha mixed with some onions, chaat masala, salt, turmeric, and coriander is the ultimate snack option for afternoon tea.


Eggs are rich in protein, fill up the stomach, and are highly nutritious. Now, eggs are easier on the pocket compared to certain fresh vegetables, so it is a prudent choice to have omelettes, scrambles, or fried eggs on toast as breakfast alternatives. In chilly weather, egg curry or anda masala with rice or roti is an excellent, wallet-saving recipe. Instead of tomatoes, a bit of curd or tamarind can be added to the curry for an adequate tang.

Rice Recipes

A beautiful bowl of rice is a good one-dish meal option, and a small cup of raw rice steamed to perfection can serve an entire family of foodies. Rice varieties like egg rice, coriander rice, or vegetable pulao made with whatever produce is available in the fridge are recipes that are easy on the pocket. Without using too many spices, flavours can be introduced into the dish using the ginger-garlic paste, some chillies, and a spot of dhania or coriander seed powder.